Exciting Budget-Friendly Ideas to Redesign a Bathroom

Delaying a bathroom makeover because you’re expecting a five-figure estimate is understandable. But the exciting thing is that you can make essential repairs and replacements without worrying about the costs. Get started by identifying the sections that absolutely need to be changed. For everything else, cosmetic upgrades can have the bathroom looking fantastic. Here are a few ideas you can explore to redesign a  bathroom.


Bathtubs and Showers

If the bathtubs and shower areas have minor cracks, nicks, and discolored grouting and sealing, you could go with minor refinishing to reseal and prevent water seepage. Cleaning the interiors and outer sections thoroughly can often have them looking as good as new. But, if you need a complete replacement, it is always advisable to call in bathroom remodeling professionals. They’ll direct on the best materials to use, like, say, fiberglass that is lightweight and long-lasting. If you want to switch out the tub for a glass shower or need a walk-in tub installed, you’ll need the expertise of experienced people to take care of the project.


Water-resistant flooring is necessary for bathroom floors. But, if you have an existing wooden floor, you would want to preserve it by coating the wood with protective enamel to extend its lifespan. On the other hand, if it needs replacing, you could consider ripping it out and putting down tiles. A more cost-effective solution would be to install vinyl flooring available in an exciting range of colors and patterns. Looking for something even quicker? How about water-proof stickers available in packs of ten. Peel off and stick to create customized designs.


Redesign a Bathroom


Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint is one of the most versatile and budget-friendly ways to give your bathroom an instant facelift. It’s also an exciting DIY project you could take up. Go for unusual colors and play around with shading and stencils. Unleash your creative skills and paint flowers, birds, or go freestyle. Here’s another idea, paint patterns on the wall reflecting a beautiful framed mirror to look like artwork. Does the floor look tired and dull? Invest in a can of floor paint. And, choose a darker shade for the ceiling instead of a classic white.

Bathroom Wallpapers & Other Accessories

Although wallpaper is rarely used in bathrooms because of the high moisture levels, designers have now developed wall coverings with a laminate coating resistant to damp conditions. Simply make sure that you install it on a wall that does not directly contact water. You can also experiment with other accessories like potted plants placed on the windowsill or whimsical pieces that have no place in the bathroom to add an element of interest. A wooden ladder for storage or a carved wooden chest with a filigree lid is a great idea.

When you’re looking for budget-friendly ideas to give your bathroom a facelift, focus on replacing only the areas that are beyond repair. Get creative and try adding accessories that change the ambiance and convert your bathroom into a glamour room.


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