Exemplary Tips to Maintain a Top-Notch Cable Railing in your Home

A cable railing system is a brilliant addition to your home. These are sturdy and versatile to add aesthetics to your decks and stairways. But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need proper care. It’ll come as a surprise to know that your cable railing needs maintenance and cleaning from the day of its installation.

The railing is sure to look clean and shiny after installation. But, the chances for it to attract and adhere to the harsh elements are excellent with time. And, this is something no homeowner wants.

That’s the reason a thorough cleaning process followed by general maintenance holds importance. It helps in the protection of cable railing systems and swears to provide a prolonged lifetime. So, if you don’t want your railing to wear out or sustain damage, then here are some tips to ensure an ideal condition:


  • Never Use Harsh Chemicals:

It is critical to use the right products, especially when cleaning the cable hardware. Never use bleach, steel wool, or acid as it can significantly damage the railing system. Instead, use water, soap, or stainless steel cleaner.

Use gentle products for cleaning the railing supplies. You can also coat the same with wax to ensure further protection. Ensure following the given set of instructions for products to enhance durability.

  • Inspect the Cables Regularly:

Like many home aspects, ensure a proper inspection of your cable railing. While the cable rail systems and fittings are highly durable, the cable tension also must be regularly tested and inspected. And, according to cable railing experts, it is vital to keep regulations and standards in mind.

For instance, as per OSHA regulations, the guardrail openings must be under 19 inches. Thereby, ascertain that the railing hardware is in good condition and repairs as and when needed.

  • Take Environmental Factors into Consideration:

If your railing is located on a deck or porch, take into account the environmental factors. This saying holds the most important when thinking of maintenance.

For example, if you live in a humid area, unique products can prevent corrosion and can be highly beneficial. Cable, as well as rigging supplies, are capable of wearing and rusting more quickly. However, this too depends on the environment. Therefore, if you live in harsh and versatile weather, ensure keeping up with maintenance. By doing so, you’ll enjoy longevity and rust prevention.

Despite best efforts, if you still see the formation of rust, try to remove the same with a stainless steel cleaner as soon as possible.

How to Clean Off Specific Elements?

Finally, there are times when you’ll have to deal with some stubborn contaminants like paint. Now that you’re confused about what’s to be done, it is recommended to use a Paint Thinner.

Indulge in its light application by rewashing it immediately. Do not leave the paint thinner on the cables and railing for more than a few minutes. So, always undertake work in small sections.

What are Some More Precautions to Take Care of?

Experts recommend never using mineral spirits, chlorine, bartenders helper, or paint thinner. It is because these materials may be capable of irreversible damage.

Also, avoid using abrasive cleaning pads, wire brushes, knives, and hand scrapers as they may cause permanent scratches to the railing.

The Bottom Line

The tips mentioned above are sure to help your cable railing look brand new for years. Have any more cleaning techniques? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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