Expert Tips for Achieving Optimum Results from Invisalign Treatment

More than 7 million people all over the world have transformed their smiles through Invisalign treatment. From teeth straightening to smile restoration, this orthodontic treatment is highly effective and doesn’t have the many discomforts associated with traditional metal braces.

At our practice, we have experienced Invisalign experts that offer the best possible results provided you adhere to the rules governing your treatment plan. What does this mean? Invisalign is good, but you need to be disciplined to make it work better for your case.


Invisalign Treatment


So, below are ways to get great results from your Invisalign treatment:

  • Follow the guidelines for wearing your aligners

With the way Invisalign trays are designed, patients can easily take them out. Sounds convenient, isn’t it? But you must resist the temptation of being without your aligners in your mouth for a long time. Timing is essential in Invisalign treatment. And for your treatment to be effective and completed on time, you should commit to wearing your aligners for the recommended 20 to 22 hours every day.

You can only remove your aligners to eat or drink. And you can wear them and drink only water! Once you get your new set of aligners, do well to wear them for most of the day during the first 48 hours. This is very important. It tells how much movement your teeth will start making, and the earlier it starts moving, the greater the possibility of completing your treatment within the specified time. So, be very meticulous about wearing your aligners.

  • Improve your dental hygiene routine

Invisalign time is really the best time to be at your best in oral care. Do you know that your aligners can trap in any leftover food particle? This is not a joke. Taking time to brush your teeth after eating, and flossing even if it’s once each day during your treatment can eliminate hanging particles of food.

Before Invisalign, the saliva in your mouth has been doing the job of cleaning your mouth, however, this function is not possible with your aligners in. Where does that leave you? Make efforts to step up your oral hygiene every day. You can get a travel-sized toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste in your bag which you carry anywhere you go. At intervals of eating and drinking, you can take it out and properly clean your teeth.

  • Ensure your aligners are well cared for

Upon getting Invisalign London, care is the next big thing. Do you know one amazing thing about Invisalign? It is its near invisibility or discreet nature. As the name implies, Invisalign is simply invisible aligners (emphasis is ours). The company designed the solid plastic trays to be hardly noticeable when worn.

It is now your duty as an Invisalign wearer or user to maintain this near invisibility while correcting your smile. Don’t eat or drink anything else than water with your aligners on. Should you choose to eat or drink colored beverages like coffee, red wine, tea, etc., do take out your aligners so they don’t get stained. When your aligners are spotted, they become visible and less beautiful.

You might be wondering how to clean the trays? Rinse them with warm water each night and brush gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush. When doing this, stand over a sink full of water or a neatly folded towel. This will safeguard your aligners in the event that they fall. Avoid the use of toothpaste in cleaning aligner trays. Toothpaste contains some ingredients that are harsh and may cause abrasion and discoloration of your trays.

What’s more? You can soak your aligners throughout the night in a denture cleaner or by using cleaning crystals. When not in use, place your aligners out of the reach of direct sunlight or hot temperatures. Heat can deform your trays and make them ineffective. Also, don’t put them on your lampstand beside your bed or where your pet can get to them to avoid damage.

  • Encourage yourself with photo updates

The timeline for Invisalign treatment may seem tiring and like forever. Sometimes, you might begin to wonder if it will ever come to an end; but the outcome is definitely worth the wait. In this seemingly long and frustrating time, taking regular selfies can help you watch your progress and keep you on course to get better results.

Besides, don’t forget that even before you start Invisalign, your dentist will show you what your teeth will look like after treatment. With this picture in mind, you can get absorbed into your treatment process and just wait for your beautiful smile to show up eventually.

  • Wear retainers after treatment

If you remember how crooked your teeth looked before Invisalign and compare that to your newly acquired smile, you wouldn’t want to go back to the beginning. It is possible to experience a relapse (a condition where your teeth return to their misaligned form after treatment.

This is why we usually recommend the use of retainers to help keep your teeth straight to justify all the money and time you’ve spent. Putting on your retainers at night is the best way to keep your teeth in position upon completing treatment. With our Invisalign London, you will get a removable retainer for use every night so you can keep up the smile you’ve worked so hard for.

There are no hard and fast rules about keeping your Invisalign in tip-top condition for effective use and fantastic results. From the time you get your aligner trays to when you finish your treatment, it’s all about commitment to restoring your smile.

You will look a lot better with a great smile while giving that talk or doing a presentation. Even going out on a date will be a lot more fun as you can smile and laugh all you want.

All of these come at a price. Follow these tips, and you will get all that your Invisalign is designed to offer. We usually recommend you get an expert orthodontist for the work as inexperienced persons can cause you more problems.

For more useful advice and guidance on Invisalign, book an appointment with us today. Our orthodontist will be very glad to speak with you and answer all your questions. Conduct our orthodontist at London Braces on 020 37457520 to find out more about your Invisalign treatment.


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