Expert Tips For Preparing Your House For Sale

Home prices are expected to increase by at least 7% this year from the uncertainty witnessed in 2020. Mostly, it’s because many millennials are buying homes for the first time which is causing the increased demand.   

The increase in demand means that sellers can make renovations to make the properties more appealing. The property market is very competitive, which means that you need due diligence and a thoughtful timeline to sell the house quickly. This involves preparations and adequate research.   


1. Depersonalize the house

Pack your personal items like photographs, art pieces, and the family heirloom. Safely store them to avoid damage. Personal items are distracting and may put off a potential buyer.

Let the buyer view the impersonal house and imagine him/herself living in it and decorating it with their unique ideas without your biases. Only leave furniture that creates a neutral impression

2. Declutter the house

Over time, homeowners accumulate many unnecessary items. They mostly are things they have no intention of reusing or fixing, and some have sentimental value. Discard things you don’t need or donate them to charity. Tuck away items you need as you start packing your valuables.  

3. Schedule a house inspection

Consult a certified and reputable property inspector to thoroughly check the house for faults and other things that need fixing.

The inspection report details areas you need to fix before selling the house. Use the inspection report to launch your renovations to boost its appeal.  Buyers value quality and a house with minimal or no repair or replacement problems attract a good price. 

4. Do renovations

Fix faults such as cracked floors, walls, windows, built-in appliances, fixtures, etc. Make the house more appealing by depicting a picture of a perfect and functional house. Buyers don’t like houses; they are going to start doing repairs immediately.  Repair your home to enhance the appeal and boost its prospects to sell quickly.  

Install smart home technologies like security systems, thermostats, and other energy-efficient solutions to lower electricity consumption. They increase the chances of the home selling quickly. 

Paint the house using neutral colors and do it a month before listing the house. This ensures the walls still look great when the buyer visits. Change outdated lighting solutions and renovate your rooms to give the buyer a positive impression. 


Preparing Your House For Sale


5. Deep clean the house

The air should smell fresh, use quality air filters to remove contaminants from the home space. Sample quality air filters at fit your property size. It ensures the buyer breathes in quality air which informs their buying decision. 

Clean the windows, floors, walls, and all rooms. Do a thorough interior and exterior cleaning using detergents and disinfectants. The sinks, bathtub, showers, showerheads, mirrors, faucets, vacuum your furniture, clean the closets, and cabinets. Remove all dirt, dust, and other pollutants to leave the house feeling fresh and rejuvenating. Wax the floors and keep your kitchen and bathrooms spotless.  

6. Stage the house

Take a minimalist approach to complement the flow of the room. Make the room feel comfortable and want to live there. Having just enough furniture allows the buyer to see the room sizes.

The spaces feel larger when empty try to be close enough to that to appease the buyer. Arrange the furniture in a positive way because it makes all the difference. Create a flow to strike a balance. This will prove to be the deal-breaker. 

7. Organize your storage cabinets 

Organize your rooms to avoid portraying the house negatively. The buyer should get a beautiful picture with a storage closet well organized, kitchen, and other rooms looking stunning. Arrange your utensils, appliances, and cutleries neatly to make the space more vibrant.  

It sends a good message to the buyer when they see a high level of organization. It gives the buyer an impression that the house is well maintained and in sublime condition.  

8. Organize your front view

The front view should be stunning to attract buyers to come inside and view the property. Therefore, tidy it up, and ensure the walls, gate, walkways are looking great. 

9. Renovate your outdoor space

Your lawn or backyard should complement the home appeal. The buyer may have a family hobby that requires a beautiful backyard or lawn, to make it appealing. Tidy it up, mow the lawn and weed your flower beds. Clear shrubs and walkways to make them look beautiful.  

10. Take quality house photos

Marketing your house brings buyers to your address for viewing. Hire a professional photographer for quality shoots that will attract buyers. Let the buyer see what the house looks like and feel inspired to come to view it in person or want to buy it.  

Good photos are invaluable and make the property sell quickly. Professional photographers know how to capture each room and backyard giving you beautiful shots. Market your house on social media, listing sites, and even use realtors.  

11. Prepare paperwork

You need permits for renovations, home warranty documents, mortgage information, utility, and tax bills. Compile all necessary paperwork in advance in readiness for selling.  

Set your listing price and compare the prices of other similar houses in the current market. Settle for a good price that is neither too high nor low.

Define the purpose of your rooms and make the outdoor environment more appealing. Ensure your house is in good condition before selling. Declutter and do a deep cleaning to make it refreshing and the air quality optimal. Stage the house well using quality furnishing to give it the wow factor. Good luck!

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