Expert Tips for Successfully Working With Interior Design Bloggers

Whether you are trying to promote an interior design business, furniture store, or teaching a design course online, there are so many ways to get your brand out there and reach a wider audience. Some of the most influential people on the internet are bloggers. Interior design influencers and bloggers who already have a following are a pitch-perfect and cost-effective way to get more eyes on your brand. From sponsored posts to product reviews, and email marketing, collaborating with design bloggers acts as a great advert for your product/services and will help you reach a wider network. Sourcing for prominent bloggers to partner with can be an intimidating process, but by following our tips, working with top interior design bloggers should be easy.


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How to get the best out of collabs with bloggers

1. Choose your collaborators wisely

Time is of the essence! Do not spend time researching and contacting bloggers who aren’t relevant to your brand. Create a list of potential areas that could be of interest to your product of services. For instance, if you sell artworks, look at interior design or home decor bloggers. However, keep in mind that while most design bloggers have a targeted niche, they might have other sub-categories such as lifestyle, that could be suited for your non-design-related brand.

After making a list of potential collaborators, do some research before sending that email! Reading their About Us page is a great place to start. The first step to writing a good pitch is by making sure you have some in-depth knowledge about the blog. If you want successful bloggers to show interest in your brand, you have to show that you are interested in them as well.

2. Send a personalized email

Now you have some insight about the blogger and why you want to work with them. Make sure you send a carefully crafted email. A lot of brands and outreach managers might be tempted to send the same message to all blogger and only change a few words to save time, don’t do that! Influential bloggers get lots of emails daily, if you want to be successful, send a personalized email that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Avoid writing lengthy emails, make sure you pass your message across in a clear and concise manner. Address the blogger by their full names, introduce yourself and your brand, explain why would want to work them, and what they will benefit from collaborating with you.   Avoid being too flattery and this can be off-putting.


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How the Get Blogged Marketplace can help brands

Bloggers outreach can be a daunting process. It is disheartening to not get a response from design bloggers and influencers after sending the perfect pitch. This is where Get Blogged comes in! Get Blogged is a platform created for bloggers and brands to collaborate hassle-free and cost-effectively. Now imagine having all the best UK design bloggers in one place! Pretty cool huh? I’ve worked with Get Blogged on many collaborations with brands and it’s amazing how convenient and pleasant it has been.

Get Blogged is very easy use, it only takes a few minutes to create a brands/blogger account and start collaborating. After signing up, post a job on the Get Blogged Marketplace entailing your budget and requirements, and bloggers will send you their pitches and what you will get from collaborating with them.

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Most popular services and collabs you can do with bloggers

Sponsored Blog Posts: This type of service is popular choice for brands to reach a wider audience as the content focuses on your brand. The sponsored blog post is a blog article written by the blogger according to your requirements and it revolves around your product or services.

Guest posting: This gives you more control over what is being published on the blog. Unlike sponsored posts, in guesting posting the article will be provided by you but can be tweaked by the blogger if necessary.

Affiliate Program: This service allows bloggers to sign up as your affiliate, help you promote your products/services, and get a percentage commission on sales or referrals.

Our top 5 interior design blogs

Here are the top 5 interior design bloggers UK we love:

1. Dabito

Dabito is a talented interior design blogger, decor guru, and lover of all things design. He is also the found of Old Brand New. Dabito is known for unconventional and tasteful design as well as his love for bold colour palettes.

2. Sarah Sherman Samuel 

Sarah Sherman is a renowned interior design designer and blogger. With over 330k followers on Instagram, she stand out for her clean and sleek design style. Sherman mostly uses white and creamy tones in her designs.

 3. Grant K. Gibson

Gibson is a well-known interior designer and design author with a little more traditional theme in his designs. He pulls his inspiration from history but however, takes a new approach to create functional, clean and stylish rooms.

4. Emily Henderson

Henderson is one of the most talented and followed interior designers on Instagram. With almost a million followers on Instagram, the HGTV personality is committed to inspiring many with her balanced combination of retro and modern style.

5. Studio McGee

This husband and wife duo first launched their design firm in 2014, and since then their work has grown tremendously in popularity. Their design style is clean, modern and chic, mostly utilizing colors like white, navy blue, black, and brown in their design.


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