Expert Tips on Cooking Meat in Your Backyard

It’s summertime and that means cooking meat on the grill! You might not know this, but cooking meat in your backyard can be a lot of work. There are many things to consider when cooking a juicy steak or burger. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss expert tips for cooking barbeque in the backyard so you can have the perfect cookout every time!


Consider the Size of Your Grill to Determine How Much Meat You Should Cook

Knowing the size of your grill will help you determine cooking time. Whether you want to cook burgers or barbeque whole hogs, cooking time will vary depending on the cooking surface area. If cooking burgers, cooking time will be about 12 minutes on a large grill. If cooking whole hogs, it’ll take about 30-45 minutes. For best results with both types of meat, keep the lid down and turn occasionally for even cooking.

Most people don’t know how to barbeque in their backyards because they are not sure what size smoker or grill is right for them. The truth is that the size of your grill doesn’t matter as long as you understand how much food can fit onto your cooking surface area so you’re able to cook evenly without overloading any one part of the firebox too much (which would cause uneven heat distribution). But if you really want your backyard barbeques to look the best, consult the experts by visiting


Expert Tips on Cooking Meat in Your Backyard


Use a Heavy-duty Wire Brush to Remove Any Rust Or Debris From the Grill Grate

Don’t use cooking spray, cooking oil, or any other cooking product on your grate because this will inhibit the grill’s ability to get hot. Immediately after using a wire brush, take some tongs and wipe down the grate with paper towels soaked in cooking oil for added protection during grilling.

Spray Cooking Oil on Both Sides of the Grate Before Adding Meat 

This will prevent the meat from sticking to the grate and add flavor at the same time. If you’re cooking a whole chicken, cube it before you start cooking so that it cooks evenly. However, when cooking corn on the cob with vegetables like peppers or onions, line them in neat rows together parallel to each other on top of foil for easy cleanup later 

Any small piece of food can be skewered onto one large piece using a toothpick. The grill grates should never touch any raw meat because they are too hot and could cause cross-contamination which is not good if you’re serving different types of meats. And lastly, place skewers away from direct heat when cooking shish kebabs so that all sides get cooked through.


lmk 5 Cooking Meat in Your Backyard


Place Coals in an Even Pattern Across One Side of the Grill

So, place the cooking grate on top of the coals, and then add your meat to the cooking grate and cover with a lid and wait until you see smoke coming from the cooking grill before opening the lid to flip or turn food over. 

Also, keep an eye on cooking time by checking regularly for the desired doneness and make sure that you have enough charcoal. If there are too many hot spots in one area, it will burn quickly, leading to uneven cooking. 

It’s best not to cook more than two slabs of ribs at a time as they take longer than other foods. Also, have plenty of water handy so you can keep adding moisture when grilling fish without having them stick together. In the end, discard any leftover liquid.

Cook Outside Over High Heat Until You See Browning Around The Edges

Knowing when to take your cooking meat off the grill is one of the most important cooking skills. 

It needs to be cooked long enough so it doesn’t taste like raw protein, but not too much that it starts to dry out and becomes tough. The best way to tell if you’re cooking at an ideal temperature is by using a meat thermometer.

When cooking with gas or charcoal grills, high heat will cook food quicker than low-medium heat; this can cause certain cuts of meat (such as pork) to become dry more quickly. Cooking over medium-low heat on a grill for longer periods of time will tenderize tougher meats such as brisket or beef ribs without drying them out.


Expert Tips on Cooking Meat in Your Backyard


From the size of your grill and how you clean it to what kind of coals you use, there are plenty of ways that can make grilling easier. Hopefully, the list we have compiled with some tips on grilling season can help you, so check it out! Which one will be your next go-to?

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