Exploring Europe: Top 10 Bucket List Experiences in Europe

Europe’s spectacular landscapes, architectural wonders, rich cultural heritage, exotic adventures, and gastronomic delights can never be enough. Here, we’ve put together an incredible list of the top 10 bucket list experiences in Europe that you cannot miss when you planning that perfect European tour packages.

Bucket List Experiences in Europe


1. Look at the sunset on Paris’ Eiffel Tower

Without visiting the iconic Eiffel Tower, no trip to Paris is complete. Go on top of the Eiffel Tower before sunset for the most spectacular experience. Sit back and watch the sun go down against the cathedral of Notre Dame, St. Chapel, and the magnificent skyline of Paris. A real delight for a photographer!

2. Take a Gondola ride in Venice

You will surely fall in love with Venice by the beautiful canals and the bridges, the charming plazas, the Renaissance architecture, and the artistic heritage. Take a gondola ride through its various historic waterways and in the background there are baroque structures and palaces. It sounds like a dreamy place, isn’t it? Your gondolier could sing for you if you are lucky!

3. Attend an Opera in Germany

Germany hosts one of the most important music performances each year, with several of its best-known musicians and composers from all time, such as Mozart, Beethoven, Weber, and Richard Strauss. You’re sure to find something of your liking from short two-act productions to long epic performances and masterpieces by singers from around the world.

4. Take a chocolate tour in Switzerland

Welcome to Switzerland— home to the best international chocolate and chocolate brands in the world. The chocolate shops, boutiques, and chocolatiers are here to sample Swiss local chocolates with an extraordinary variety, together with a look at their chocolate-making process and the original recipes handed over generations. The Tour de Chocolat hosts workshops, courses, and dining experiences for the most enthusiastic chocolate enthusiasts.

5. Party the night away in Ibiza

Think, think Ibiza! Think party! On the coast of this island, you will find beach bars, fresh electronic music, nightlife, and a lively holiday vibration. Summer months for summer disco and popular European night clubs are the best time to visit this ‘party capital of the world.’ Top DJs worldwide will be presented.

6. Go wine tasting in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the best wine destinations in the world in Italy. Tuscany offers an immense range of wineries that produce the best of local wines, famous labels, and great vintages, from small, family-owned wineries to large, long-term producers. Take a look around your old cellars and beautiful wines, through spectacular landscapes, then a wine-making introduction and a private wine degustation.

7. Cable car in Switzerland at the top of Mount Titler

The highest mountain in central Switzerland is Mount Titlis, Switzerland’s most popular attraction. From Engelberg to Mount Titlis take the sweeping cable car to spectacular panorama 360° views of the picturesque lakes, valleys, mountains, and glaciers in Switzerland. Explore its glacier cave, glacier park, photo studio, and numerous activities in the snow once at the top. For adventure enthusiasts, the Titlis Cliff Walk, Europe’s highest hanging bridge!

8.  Eiffel Tower in Paris

The Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid-for monument in the world, welcoming almost 7 million people a year. The tower, completed on 31 March 1889, was the highest human-made structure in the world for 41 years before the Chrysler building in 1930 was finished. The Eiffel Tower is considered by many to be the most romantic town in the world, or perhaps by the 20,000 light bulbs, the Tower shines like the stars each night.

9.  Colosseum in Rome

Half circus, half-sport arena, the most iconic landmark of Rome is inexcusable, especially now that visitors who once roamed the gladiators and wild animals have opened the underfloor passageways. You can’t help wondering the brave men who fought for gory bullfights here inside the amphitheater.

10.  The Louvre in Paris

Millions of tourists flock to the contemporary pyramid of the Louvre each year just to enjoy their eyes at the entryway. It is an old fortress and royal palace. Paris’ Louvre Museum is a collection of 35, 000 paintings and sculptures from the 7th century B.C., mainly associated with the famous Mona Lisa of Leonardo Da Vinci. By the century mid-19… Every room in the museum takes three entire days, so we suggest that a list of exhibits in which you are most interested can be produced.



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