Extend The Life Of Your Car With These Monthly Car Maintenance Tip

Prevention is always the best cure, whether that be for human health or the health of your car! In order to keep your vehicle running smoothly and free of anything that could damage it, it is vital that you perform some basic checks every month. But what are the main things you should be checking for? This post will detail some of the most important things you should check regularly, and while some are easier than others, they are all critical.


Keep Your Tires In Good Condition

Your tires are among the most crucial components of your vehicle because they offer the required traction to allow you to drive through turns and stop faster than standard vehicles safely. Many automobile owners ignore tire care and drive with underinflated tires.

This is problematic since under-inflation raises the likelihood of an accident. That is why you should check your tire pressure at least once per month. Usually, you can find inexpensive tools that allow you to check the pressure of all your tires quickly and easily. 

In addition, if you are looking to sell your car, tires are often the first thing a potential customer will check (hence the tire-kicker saying). Therefore, your tires must be in excellent condition if you consider selling them. In most cases, if you are trading in your current vehicle for a new one, dealerships usually use the Kelley Blue Book to determine the value of your old car, as the experts at Audi Pembroke Pines advise.

However, this is an important check that you should perform every month for your safety and avoid penalties and citations if you are pulled over.


Extend The Life Of Your Car With These Monthly Car Maintenance Tip


Make Sure Your Brakes Are Working

One of the most crucial aspects of automobile maintenance is checking your brakes. You must regularly inspect your car’s braking system for safety and economic reasons. By testing the brakes before every ride, you can avoid an accident or at least limit the damage.

Furthermore, maintaining your brakes regularly will guarantee that you reap the benefits of braking rotors and pads without spending money you don’t need to. This is because your brakes, like all other parts of your car, wear down over time, but if you allow them to wear down too much, you may wind up with a hefty bill to replace the entire braking system. Some things to check include:

  • Any unnatural sounds (speaking, grinding, crunching, etc.)
  • How it feels when you break (unusual vibrations, sounds, mushiness)
  • Any visual signs of wear and tear
  • If you are veering off to one side when you come to a stop

Get Your Oil Changed

It is typical for old or dirty oil to damage a car’s engine as it clogs your engine and reduces its lifespan. The oil starts to degrade after 3,000 miles, so you should change it at least this amount.

However, it will depend on how much and how often you drive because the 3000-mile number is generally a guide, and for a more accurate number, you should refer to your car’s handbook. Oil changes can be done at home but if you don’t feel confident, take your vehicle to a mechanic to know which oil to use for your engine. 


Extend The Life Of Your Car With These Monthly Car Maintenance Tip


Make Sure The Fluids Are Full

There are some things that people tend to forget about their cars, but one of the most common is checking the fluids. Checking your fluids regularly will help you avoid major repairs on your vehicle. It’s also important because it can help reduce fuel consumption and improve driving performance.

It is straightforward to check fluid levels in most modern cars by opening the hood and checking the levels. If your levels are too low, you usually only need to top them up. Nevertheless, you should change the fluids as per your handbook to keep the vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

Don’t Forget The Lights

Keep your headlights and taillights in good working order by checking the bulbs frequently. It is significantly less likely that an accident will occur if your lights work correctly. 

Keep It Clean

Regularly washing your car will help you save money on repairs later. It also prolongs the life of your vehicle by preventing rusting and scratches caused by tree sap, bird droppings, or other impurities that are left on the paint of your car. Moreover, a vehicle is a significant investment, so it’s a good idea to keep it in excellent condition as much as you can.

Various monthly car maintenance tips can help you extend the life of your car. Following these tips can help you avoid costly breakdowns, car repairs and even potentially avoid fines and citations.

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