All You Have to Know About Leathered Granite Countertops

Leathered granite countertops have become a top decoration option for kitchens and baths at the present time. They are durable and have an impressive look. Granite allows homeowners to play with different styles and turn their kitchen into a modern room. This material has diverse flecking and veining, and although it is not waterproof, the water cannot cause so much damage to it.

Leather granite countertops have plenty of finishes that involve black pearl leathered granite and leather quartz. Some are honed and polished. Leathered finishes are among the most common in countertops. Leathered granite countertops are gaining ground in the kitchen décor field because of their unique and interesting appearance.

Next, we’ll delve into the applications of leathered granite countertops, leathered quartz and fantasy brown leathered granite. Keep reading to learn more.


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Leathered granite countertops


First – What is Granite?

Granite is a beautiful material used for creating leathered granite countertops. This stone has a wealth of applications and is recognized for its beauty and resistance to liquids. Leathered granite countertops are actually resistant due to the granite stone. This aggregate can be found not only in kitchens but also in bathrooms and home bars. Although it can be pricey, it is not the most expensive option for leathered granite countertops.


Leathered granite

Leathered granite gives kitchens a rustic look. It usually has a natural appearance and features different veining patterns. You can see some imperfections on these countertops, but you can customize them to eliminate fissures and make their texture smooth or rough.


leathered granite countertops leather finish granite, leathered granite, black pearl leathered granite, leathered quartz, fantasy brown leathered granite


Advantages of Leathered Granite Countertops

These are some advantages to consider about leathered granite countertops.

1-Enhanced Natural Color

Leathered granite countertops bring out the beauty of the natural color of the stone. If you install polished leathered granite in your cabinets, you have a more homogenous but brighter color.


leathered granite countertops leather finish granite, leathered granite, black pearl leathered granite, leathered quartz, fantasy brown leathered granite


2-Unique Texture

Leathered granite countertops have a different texture from their honed and polished counterparts.

3-Stain Resistant

Leathered granite countertops do not get stained as easily as other types of materials. For this reason, they are used in bathrooms, kitchens, and rooms exposed to humidity.


Sealing Granite

If you have leathered granite countertops, you will need to re-seal them from time to time to protect them from damage. They are not waterproof and water can ruin their appearance. The stone can even sustain damages if you don’t re-seal it or give it proper maintenance. Leathered granite countertops do not have a porous surface.

However, you need to educate yourself about the requirements to re-seal them. Some leathered granite countertops many need to undergo this procedure more frequently. When a countertop does not absorb water fast, then it needs resealing. Water must be wicked in a matter of 10 seconds. But if the water still beads on the surface, you need to do nothing.

Let’s talk about fantasy brown leathered granite

Fantasy brown leathered granite is one of the decoration trends to revamp baths and kitchens. These cabinets have beautiful veining and fit a wide range of décor styles. They are cream-colored, but they can also be greyish and brownish.

Although fantasy brown leathered granite has quartz, it can’t be considered leathered quartz because it doesn’t have much of that. Instead, it has a high level of calcium carbonate, which makes it similar to marble. However, it is neither quartz nor marble.

Fantasy brown granite falls into a category between marble and quartzite. Some consider it soft quartzite, while others see it as quartzite. The leathered granite countertops made with this material are resistant to staining and etching, however; such resistance depends on how much marble and quartzite content it has.


Is Leathered quartz any good?

Leathered quartz is paler compared with other types of leather finish granite. It actually has neutral hues that range from beige to gray, looking like marble. This is one of the materials that homeowners use the most for leathered granite countertops.

Leathered quartz, however, does not add a natural touch, since it is evidently brighter than marble and other natural stones. It adds depth and aesthetic appeal to kitchen cabinets, instead.


What about Black pearl leathered granite?

When talking about black pearl leathered granite, we are referring to one of the favorite stones for leathered granite countertops. Black and dark colors are among the alternatives that homeowners choose for their kitchen cabinets. Black pearl leathered granite is elegant and you can’t see the veining you observe on other lighter stones.

Black matches other colors and kitchen styles. You can construct a black pearl leathered granite to tone with other light-colored countertops. These slabs are very consistent featuring dark accents and deep tones.

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