Falling Into Winter: The Ultimate Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Did you know that North Dakota is one of the coldest states when the fall and winter seasons roll around?

No matter where you live, these seasons have the potential to be quite harsh, if not outright deadly. This is why it’s so crucial to be prepared before you’re in the thick of it all.

Are you wondering what you need to do as a diligent homeowner? Keep reading to learn all about the ultimate fall home maintenance checklist.


Keep Your Gutters Clean

It can be easy to forget about gutter maintenance because this isn’t something that can cross our minds regularly. However, neglecting your gutters can cause all kinds of problems, including mold and even a leaky roof.

This is why it’s so important to clean your gutters, especially before the fall. As leaves begin to fall from trees, you should ensure that the gutters remain free of any and all debris.


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Winterize Your Sprinklers

Another thing you shouldn’t forget is to winterize the sprinkler system. If the water in them freezes, it will expand and easily crack the system’s piping in one or more places. This can become quite expensive to fix.

It could even result in having to shell out for a brand-new system. By winterizing your sprinklers ahead of time, you’ll be avoiding a ton of headaches later on.

Get Your Furnace Prepped

As the fall and winter seasons approach, you’ll need to rely on your furnace more and more. Do you check your furnace on a regular basis? If your number one heating source lacks regular maintenance, then it can literally leave you out in the cold when the temperatures begin to nosedive.

Be sure to change the furnace filter before the start of the season and call in a pro to give it a full check-up. They’ll let you know if there are any problems that should be fixed. The sooner you can do that, the sooner you can prevent a possible breakdown.

Finding a reliable professional is as easy as searching “HVAC near me.”


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Store Your Outdoor Furniture

As you cross off items on your fall maintenance checklist for your home, don’t forget to store your outdoor furniture in a safe place. Just because this furniture is designed for the outdoors, it doesn’t mean it can withstand freezing temperatures and other harsh weather.

To make your furniture last, you should either put it in your garage or somewhere in your shed.

Ready to Use This Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Now that you’ve learned all about the ultimate fall home maintenance checklist, you can make sure that you’re ready for even the coldest of seasons. The last thing you’d want to do is get caught in a blizzard and be unprepared, for instance.

If you’re wondering what else you can do for your home throughout the year and beyond, then be sure to browse through our other informative articles. We cover only the most important topics, including real estate, technology, business products, and more.

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