Family Room: Décor Tips to Create a Cozy Setup

The family room is the space in your house where you enjoy playing board games with your family and find joy in being together. The kids play games while the parents enjoy watching them. If you look back and reflect, you will see some of the most amazing moments you spent in the family room.

Renovation work does not come easy to most people. It takes months of planning and preparation to remodel a space. When you renovate the living room, you still want to keep the essence of the room intact while upgrading the décor. Continue reading this article to learn practical tips to help redecorate your family room.


The Furniture: You need to be conscious about the furniture you put in your living room. The goal should be to create a space that gives off a homely vibe. Therefore, you cannot just pick any furniture from IKEA and call it a day. You don’t want the family room to look like a catalog. Each and every piece should have a story of its own. Therefore, when you visit some shop furniture brands, look for unique pieces that complement your living room.

  • Do not keep the furniture line up against the wall. It makes the room look bigger, yes. But, it also makes the room look less cozy. Instead, put the chairs and the sofa in the center of the room and over the rug.
  • The front two legs of the sofa should cover the end of the carpet. Many people make the mistake of getting a small rug for the family room. The carpet adds a touch of comfort to the space. So, ensure you get a large rug that goes under the sofa set and the chairs.

Color Scheme: Pick a color palette that works best for the room. It can be blue, red, or any other block color. Once you select the color, you can now pick furniture pieces that reflect shades of that particular color.

  • If you choose blue for the room, you may get turquoise-colored drapes, navy blue and coral blue throw pillows, light blue or sea green colored chairs, and so on. Keep the couch off-white or beige, on which you put the light blue pillows to create a contrast. The same color should come in different shades to create a perfect color scheme.
  • Avoid conflicting colors such as yellow, red, and so on. There should be a thought process in picking the items for your living room. Some furniture may look good in the shop, but will not work in your living room space.


Add Leveled Objects: The room should be divided into different layers for the eyes to go from top to bottom. For example, you can add houseplants and trees in the living room to enhance the color palette and also improve the overall décor. Many people make the mistake of adding the TV high up on the wall. You have to bend your neck to see the TV; it is a mistake. The TV should be placed at eye level.


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