Fibre Cement or Vinyl Siding- What to Choose for your Home?

Are you looking out to improve the curb appeal of your Bethlehem home? If yes, then you’re indeed watching your steps while selecting the cladding material for your home’s exterior. Several factors hold importance, after all.

Some of these play a pivotal role while considering the sliding for your home. These usually are the material durability, the sliding maintenance, and the costs. Also, make sure you consider the sliding’s energy efficiency and its eco-friendliness, and how it isolates your home from freezing winters and scorching summers. After all, the weather in Bethlehem is extreme.


Fiber Cement v/s Vinyl Siding- Which One Should You Consider?

Now that you’re contemplating your options, know that two of the most popular choices in homes today are fiber cement and vinyl. Know that fiber-cement siding makes use of a mix of Portland cement and wood pulp, which forms into shingles or longboards. It usually attaches to your home using nails. On the other hand, Vinyl siding is made up of PVC, which is a rigid material. It affixes to the home’s exterior and allows expansion and contraction with changing temperatures.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau data, vinyl has been famous as the number-one exterior wall material for around 20 years.

  • Style Options:

You can always buy fiber-cement boards as staggered, half-round, or square shingles. You can either paint or stain these, which means you can colour them as you like. Or, you can also go for some pre-painted fiber cement. Vinyl siding, on the other hand, swears to provide many more decorative options. Homeowners can either use these for maintaining a historic appeal or create a clean yet modern facade.

It’ll come as a surprise to hear that no other siding provides that immense range of colour and styles. These have plank or shingle looks and spacious designs, including board, batten, and clapboard. You can even consider installing the vinyl siding vertically by hanging it for a unique yet eye-catching look.

Just see what’ll look better in your Bethlehem home.

  • Maintenance Requirements:

In terms of maintenance, vinyl siding has a reputation of being far better than fiber cement. During the fiber cement installation, there is a need for painting. And that’s the reason roofers in Bethlehem, PA, are all thumbs up for vinyl siding and recommend it for your house. It is because this siding option doesn’t need any additional work before or after installation.

And, painting fiber-cement siding periodically is necessary as it fades due to the demands of Mother Nature. Also, it would help if you ascertained that caulking in the joints maintains integrity for avoiding water intrusion.

Vinyl siding is a must-have option since all it needs is periodic spray cleaning, and voila, you get a vibrant look.

  • Siding Durability:

In comparison to wood, both fiber cement and vinyl siding are durable cladding choices. Since vinyl siding is flexible, it is impervious to cracks and chips. However, on the other hand, fiber cement is rigid, which can easily crack during the installation process or while it hangs on your home.

Also, know that vinyl siding is insulated and holds a product certification program administered by accredited and independent quality-control agencies. It also ensures that the colours and products meet and exceed industry performance standards.

So, vinyl siding is a better option!

The Bottom Line

Energy efficiency and costs are some other factors that make vinyl siding an excellent option for your home sweet home. All you’ve to do is sit and contemplate the possibilities and get in touch with a professional to meet your needs in the best manner possible.

Bonus tip- vinyl siding helps recoup around 78 percent of the installed cost, especially when you’re thinking of selling your house. So, research and choose wisely!

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