Fireplace TV Stands Create the Coziest Space to Binge-Watch Your Favorite Shows

We’ve come to love being cozy and comfortable and those feelings are going anywhere. Even if we are going out more than ever.  Getting the most out of your precious time in front of the tv means more than a bag of popcorn, your favorite blanket, and a streaming service.  It’s all about creating a comfortable room that lets you flop down and watch episode after episode of your favorite series.

Unlike the design of other spaces in your home like the bathroom or a kitchen, there are some guidelines that never change.  You need to think about how the room is used, the size of your tv, and where you feel most comfortable sitting to watch.


Don’t Mount Your TV Over a Fireplace

Mounting your tv over a fireplace might seem like a good idea, but the reality is that it’s the worst spot.  There are several reasons why, including that the viewing angle is too high. Your neck should be in a relaxed position and not looking up. That is if you want to avoid getting neck and back issues.

It may seem obvious, but heat is bad for electronics, including your television. The soot from the fireplace is terrible too.  The damage happens over time, so you are going to need a new tv faster than you would if it wasn’t exposed to heat and soot. Unfortunately, it’s going to be long enough that the warranty will be expired.

Fireplace TV Stands that are Cool and Comfortable

Add warmth and ambiance to your tv room in an instant with a fireplace tv stand.  A great option is from RealCozy which is built in their Arizona based facility with real wood solids and veneers with engineered wood.  Their fireplace tv stands will heat up to 1,000 square feet with an optional infrared heater that has multiple speeds and settings.

There’s no assembly, so you’re well on your way to a relaxing few hours in a matter of minutes.  RealCozy uses sustainably sourced materials which is an added bonus.

Consider Your Seating Arrangement

Forget the stuffy living room vibe and opt for a cozy space with loads of informal seating. This is the place where people want to unwind and relax. They want to forget about their long and stressful day and focus on being entertained by their favorite shows or movies.

A sectional sofa is a popular choice for tv rooms because they have lots of comfortable seating and are often a bit deeper than what most people would have in a more formal living room. Add chairs for added dimension and additional seating.

Keep it Neat

There’s nothing less appealing in a tv room than a bunch of cords having down everywhere. A Fireplace TV stand lets you easily organize cords out of view. That’s because the low cabinet can hide extra components, from video games to still working dvd players. A hole in the back provides easy access for wires that can be tied together for a more pleasing look.


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