Five Self-Monitored Home Security Systems You Need to Know

Burglaries aren’t just doors being broken down. More than 1.1 million burglaries occurred in the United States in 2019. The average loss per burglary was $2,661.

You can have heirlooms or an entire month of wages stolen from you in no time. The best way to defend yourself is to install a self-monitored home security system.

What are some simple systems you can buy? What are the features of different packages? What do more expensive packages offer?

Answer these questions and you can protect your home in little time. Here are five options for self-monitored home security.


1. Individual Security Cameras

The simplest home security system you can find is a home security camera system you set up on your own. You can put up several self-monitored cameras and have them stream to your phone or computer.

Try finding cameras that others would not notice. You can put a smoke detector hidden camera in your living room, with the lens aimed at a door or window.

2. Ring 

Ring is becoming very popular for home security. Ring’s starter system offers a basic home security package, including a motion detector and a contact sensor. This sensor will summon the police if a window gets broken.

The system does not integrate with home automation devices. This makes it ideal for older homes that did not previously have security systems. Newer homes may want to get a different system.

3. ADT

ADT is the most well-known home security company in America. It offers numerous packages for different homes and price ranges.

Blue by ADT is one of the company’s newer systems. It is a DIY system, allowing you to set up cameras and sensors wherever you want. Blue by ADT is a more expensive system than Ring, but you will get more tools like smart locks that you can turn off on your phone.

4. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is another company emerging in popularity. Starter packages are affordable, though you do not get too many tools. You have a couple of sensors and one base station from which you can monitor your feeds.

The starter package does not offer more than one camera. If you want additional cameras, you have to pay for them or buy a different package.

5. Xfinity

Xfinity is best known as an internet and phone company. But the company offers a home security system, one that can link up to your pre-existing internet and phone packages.

Xfinity’s security packages are more expensive, going up to $600. But you can find a range of devices with long-lasting warranties. If you have some extra money and you have bought from Xfinity, you should consider an Xfinity package strongly.


The Five Best Self-Monitored Home Security Systems 

Self-monitored home security can be easy. If you want to keep things cheap and simple, set up a few cameras around your house.

Ring offers door cameras and window sensors, though the larger packages are basic. ADT has many options for home security, and its Blue by ADT package offers smart locks.

SimpliSafe is good for someone who wants home security without cameras. If you have an Xfinity internet system, you should buy home security tools from the company as well.

Your security is in your hands. Figure out how to secure your home by following our coverage.

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