Five Ways to Get the Industrial Look on a Budget

Home-owners, prospective buyers, and developers all love the industrial look. The stripped-down style seen in city lofts, barn conversions, and other homes thrills us with its clean lines, easy maintenance, and zen-like aesthetic.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are five ways to get the look on a budget:


1.      Seek out expert help

Depending on the scale of your project, it can make sense to get the help of an architect, structural engineer, or specialist property developer. When these people understand the brief, they can help and advise on things like buying industrial festoon lights with installation kits, sourcing building materials, and other things.

Often, this specialist trade knowledge can end up saving you money, especially if your property needs major work or there are other expenses that you did not think about.

2.      Work with what you have

Taking a fresh, impartial look at your property before starting can help save time and money too. You might find that you can achieve the industrial look with relatively modest changes.

For example, removing some, or all, of the plaster on a wall to expose the brickwork, might be an option. Another way to create the look could be by pulling up carpet, sanding, and finishing floors. And, because the aesthetic is often characterized by clean lines and minimal clutter, a simple clear-out could make all the difference.

 All these ideas involve removing, rather than adding, things. As such, you can do them relatively cheaply, especially if you tackle them yourself.


Five Ways to Get the Industrial Look on a Budget


3.      Repurpose, recycle, transform

For many of us, the industrial look celebrates imperfections. Leaving brickwork, electrics, and other essentials exposed, is part of what makes it special. This presents an opportunity for those looking to save money.

You might find that you already have things that can be repurposed or transformed. For example, heavy-duty outdoor lights can also work inside, and their exposed cords make a great addition to the look. Equally, deliberately distressing (otherwise pristine) furniture can transform it.

4.      Get creative

The opportunity to transform a space or home is exciting. Just thinking about it can get your creative juices flowing. And knowing that there is no one industrial look, just as there is no one person or home, means you can mix and match looks, furnishings, or finishes to create the effect you want.

5.      Feel free to change your mind

Our tastes evolve over time, changing with life events, travel, and other experiences. This means that we can indulge our creativity whenever we see fit, knowing that we might change things in the future.

Often this happens during projects, when developers and homeowners spend more time looking at and living, with their choices. Thankfully, the stripped-back industrial look lends itself to easy changes. For example, moving exposed light fixtures can be cheaper and easier because power cords do not have to be hidden behind plaster.

The industrial look is popular for a reason. You can achieve it on a budget, and it is easily adapted to your needs. Get it today!


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