Follow These Tips To Have A Smart And Energy-Efficient Home

According to a recent report by the United States Energy Information Administration, an average US household consumes more than 867 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month.

It has also been noted that the greatest share of the energy is actually spent on basic utilities such as lighting, air conditioning, and heating. And the latest home systems make it relatively tough to trim the consumption.

Such high energy consumption further results in hefty utility bills and an unreasonably high environmental footprint, especially in San Diego.

But the good news is that you can improve your home’s energy efficiency, save money, and reduce your environmental footprint. And here are your tips for the same.


Smart And Energy-Efficient Home


  • Opt for proper insulation

Half of your energy gets wasted through walls and roofs when you create a perfect temperature inside your home, and the heat and cooling escape into the outdoors.

You should know that this is something that can burn a hole in your wallets.

Thus, if you have not considered insulating your roof and windows, it is high time you do that. This will help you trap the heat and cooling inside your home, allowing your appliances to work efficiently.

If you don’t want to spend much on your home’s insulation, you can go for certain small improvements. They include adding a window insulation film or using an area rug to cover the uninsulated floors.

  • Invest in solar panels

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the future is green, and it is crucial now more than ever to get on board with it. With climate change and global warming upon us, conserving resources is on everyone’s priority list.

And that’s the reason why more and more homeowners are deciding to invest in solar panels to control their consumption, save on utility bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

You can have that too by installing and connecting solar panels with your home’s systems. Not to mention, it will be your contribution to environmental conservation.

In fact, installing solar panels is more functional in cities such as San Diego that receive  a lot of sunshine. For this, all you have to do is look for a San Diego Solar Power company, and professionals will help you with the rest.

You will also need some batteries with your solar power system to store the energy generated during the peak sunshine hours and use them thereafter.


Smart And Energy-Efficient Home


  • Shut off your appliances the right way

According to a recent survey, many homeowners leave their air conditioners, computers, microwaves, and other appliances after leaving their homes.

Now, that might seem like a very small thing, but it can actually skyrocket your utility bills. So, make sure that you switch off all your appliances completely when not in use.

You can also switch to smart plugs and energy saving devices to reduce the phantom load on your utility meter. Or you can consider grouping devices such as your video game consoles and stereo system to a single power strip

This way, you will be using your appliances the right way without increasing your utility bills.

Final words,

You should know that you can’t go wrong with creating your own energy-efficient home. It will not only help you with the money but also end up helping the planet.


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