Foundation Damage: Signs That You Might Be Unaware Of

The structural load of your house is extremely dependent on the overall strength of the foundation. The foundation is the most important aspect of your house as it will support other things such as windows walls, doorways, floors, roofs, and many more. This is why you need to ensure the foundation is robust. Damages on the foundation can cause severe additional problems to your house as well as these elements.

The foundation of a house is super robust and it can withstand excessive moisture, environmental changes, and improper drainage. These problems won’t be able to affect the foundation of a house. However, over time, the foundation will suffer from cracks, shifts, and improper settlements due to prolonged environmental stress. If you ignore the early signs, you will face more severe problems later. Here are the signs of foundation damage you need to be aware of.


Crooked Doors 

This is another common sign of foundation damage you need to know. When the foundation shifts, settles and develops cracks in your house, you will start noticing signs of crooked doors. Just like wall issues and flooring, crooked doors might occur due to excess moisture issues in the crawl space and basement.

These signs will be visible in the doors where the top right side of the door might be a little higher than the left side. Sometimes you will also face problems pulling the door. This is because the excess humidity is tampering with the functionality of the house. As per Spruce, fixing a misaligned door is easy.

Make sure you contact us to inspect your house regarding foundation damage after heavy rain or flooding. You also need to take the necessary measurements to prevent damage from affecting your house.

Standing Water 

Make sure you pay close attention to the drainage system of your house. When your house has a proper and effective drainage system, you will be able to divert the path of rainwater from your house to the gutters. This is why many homeowners choose high-quality drainage systems.

If your house doesn’t have an effective drainage system or an ineffective drainage system, water will start collecting under your house. As a result, it will wreak havoc on the foundation of your house.

Cracked Walls 

This is probably the most common and devastating sign of foundation damage. The cracks in walls can appear due to three primary reasons: hydrostatic pressure, movement of soil under the foundation, and improper drainage of water. But keep in mind that cracks in walls can be fixed with the help of professionals.

But you need to understand that there are two different types of cracks that will define the severity of the damage on the walls. If you notice vertical cracks, you might not have to worry about severe problems. But in case of horizontal cracks, make sure you contact Dalinghaus Construction, Inc of Riverside County as soon as possible. Visit them by clicking here



This is because horizontal cracks will indicate that the foundation of your house is suffering from extensive pressure. The vertical cracks are subject to concern as they run in the same direction.


These are the signs of foundation damage you need to be aware of. Consider contacting us if you have any more questions.


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