Four Tips for Using an Air Purifier

After weeks of suffering from allergies or sneezing due to poor air quality, you’ve finally upgraded your home with a new air purifier. But how can you make the most out of it?

Or, if you’re thinking of buying one, know that an air purifier is a home device containing not a fan and a filter, which sucks in air and filters it out to remove impurities before releasing it.

Like most devices, an air purifier is only effective if used correctly. To learn more, keep reading to find four key tips for using and enjoying your new air purifier.


1. Purchase the Right Home Air Purifier for Your Needs

Not all devices function in the same way, so be sure to purchase the best air purifier for your needs. For example, if you live near smoke, either due to a smoker or forest fires, the top air purifier for smoke is one like this Lake Air.

Or, if you need an air purifier for allergies, buying one with a HEPA filter is a good idea, since they can remove even the tiniest particles of dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria.

2. Keep Your Windows Closed

A top tip for using your purifier is to keep your windows and doors closed. While a purifier is strong enough to improve your home’s air, it can’t improve all of the outdoor air if you let it come in.

You’ll also want to keep your purifier on constantly, as they’re energy-efficient.

3. Change the Filters Regularly

Depending on your purifier type, you may need to wash or change your filter regularly. While some are long-lasting and only need changing annually, some will need to be washed, rinsed, or replaced more often.

If you’re worried about maintenance, always read the care instructions before purchasing a new device. Generally, HEPA filters are one-time use, so you’ll need to replace those as required.

4. Position Your Air Purifier Carefully

To get the most out of your purifier, place it in the middle of the room and don’t cover or block it with anything. If you do, it won’t be able to filter air properly. It will also need to be placed on an even study surface, such as a floor or a large table.

As for where to position it in the house, you can put one in any room. But if you only have the budget for one purifier, the best place is in the bedroom.


Maximize Your Air Purifier With These Tips

Since a new air purifier is an investment, use the tips above to make sure you’re getting the most out of your new purchase. That way, it’ll work better and you’ll enjoy cleaner, purer air.

Whether you suffer from allergies, are worried about pet dander, or just want to make life healthier and cleaner for your children, you’re sure to love having an air purifier at home.

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