Fun and Active Date Ideas for Energetic Couples

After a year of lockdowns and sitting inside, you’re probably ready to spring into action this summer and try out some fun and active date ideas with your partner. Here are some of the most fun and active date ideas for couples who like to get off the couch and get active for dates.


Rent a Boat and Try Your Hand at a Water Sport

If you live near any body of water, then consider renting a boat and getting out on the water. The good news is you don’t always need to rent a boat, and water sports range from adrenaline-inducing to calming and relaxing. Here are some of the most popular water sports given the type of water you live near.


Fun and Active Date Ideas for Energetic Couples


Lakes and Ponds

If you live on or near a lake or man-made pond, then there are numerous water sports options for you and your partner. One of the most popular water sports for lake goers is known as ‘tubing’ and simply requires a dock and a used boat. The idea is simple, you attach some kind of inflatable platform on the back of a powerful boat and pull it along. While pulling, you can have several people (depending on the size of the platform) sit on the ‘tube’ and hold on for dear life.

Tubes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, while some are more like couches or sofas in shape and are quite easy to hold onto while others are designed to make it as difficult as possible to hold on. It’s also important to have a powerful enough boat, docks to tie down to, and knowledge of the local lake to pull that tube along as fast as possible. Instead of buying a boat, consider renting used boats or borrowing from a friend. It’s also important to make sure everyone is wearing a life vest at all times!

Other fun and active date ideas for lakes include jet-skiing. Larger lakes with a decent tourist draw will offer jet ski rentals for individuals and couples alike.

Most of the newer jet skis also hold two to three people and are rather difficult to tip over compared to the older jet skis which are unstable at fast speeds. Either way, jet skis are a great way to get the adrenaline pumping while going fast and giving you the freedom to go anywhere in the lake, even where some boats can’t go.

Next up is paddleboarding, a very popular outdoor sport for both lakes and all other types of bodies of water. Think of a paddleboard like an easier-to-handle surfboard. Paddleboards are thicker and oftentimes are easier to stand upon and control versus surfboards. Also, paddleboards come with a double-sided paddle which can be used to propel, turn, and stop yourself.

Rivers and Streams

Perhaps the most exciting water sport and especially best in rivers and streams is white water rafting. If you live near any mountain ranges then odds are there are several companies that will provide everything you need, give you some training, and send along an expert white water rafter with you and a group.

White water rafting can vary in how extreme it is depending on certain streams and the time of year you go. For example, in the Rockies, you’ll see higher flow rates and more fun during early to middle spring.

By the time summer rolls around the flows will be lower, and you’ll have to travel deeper and deeper into the mountains to get the same rapids. White water rafting is one of those fun and active date ideas that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!


Hike a Tall Mountain

Speaking of mountains, hiking is by far the most preferred and easiest to get into outdoor activity if you’re done sitting on the couch. Every day millions of Americans go outside and hike. Perhaps some of the best hikes are also located in or near mountain ranges, but many places without mountains still have natural areas and forests to hike as well. All you’ll need is some water, a navigation app, and good footwear.

You’ll quickly have an entire world of hiking from quick 30-minute jaunts to multi-day backpacking trips that challenge every fiber of your being. There are some great hiking apps also available which will show and rank hikes based on certain search criteria.

For example, you could do a search for the most popular hikes over one mile and under five miles in length that are within a one-hour drive of your current location. Some hiking maps also offer offline terrain maps that will help you stay on the trail and not get lost even if you don’t have cellular reception.

Do a HIIT workout

If you’re looking for fun and active date ideas, try a HIIT workout. High-Intensity Interval Training is a somewhat new trend in the workout world. This type of training promises just one thing, the most intense workout possible in the shortest amount of time. This style of training can be great to do with a partner since it’s so high intensity and you may need an accountability partner or motivational buddy.

Either way, HIIT is extremely fun to do because it requires constant focus and changes in the exercise you do. It’s also a great way to get outside or work out inside in air conditioning. Exercising with a partner is also a great way to burn energy, build closer bonds with that person, and simply stay active.


Fun and Active Date Ideas for Energetic Couples


Host a Couples Yoga Class or Go To One

Yoga is not just popular among Americans because of easy job opportunities for them but because you can be trained to use it for your personal health to be more relaxed and rewarding for your body. Yoga can also be one of those fun and active date ideas. 

Depending on what kind of date you and your partner are looking for, you could find a local yoga class that offers relaxing yoga for beginners or hot yoga for those who want to sweat and burn calories.

Another possibility is to host your very own yoga couples activity in your local park or gym. The good news is you don’t need to be a yoga instructor or expert. Simply look up some yoga poses and see if you can fill in 30-60 minutes with your favorite poses.

Yoga can also be great for helping you manage stress in the body and is a great option for pain management treatments. You could also consider other fun outdoor activities that calm your mind and relax your body like Thai Chi, meditation, or even martial arts. Most of these activities will quiet your mind while keeping your body active.

Take Your Dog to a Dog Park

Another great option for fun and active date ideas is taking your dog to the dog park. Just make sure your dog is eligible to visit since most dog parks will want proof of vaccination against diseases like rabies and other common dog diseases. So, make sure you’ve taken your four-legged buddy to a local veterinary service. You may also want to make sure the dog park you are visiting uses fencing services to keep their fences strong and fool-proof for dogs that may try to find a way out.

Another consideration is bringing your dog along with you on hikes. Just be sure you are aware of your dog’s personality. For instance, some dogs do just fine off-leash while others need to be leashed at all times. Also, consider training your dog to behave while their mind is being stimulated by other things outside like smells and noises from other animals.

You should also bring along supplies your dog may need, like poop bags, a foldable water bowl for your dog to drink out of, small snacks and treats, and a collar and leash to keep them close.


Fun and Active Date Ideas for Energetic Couples

Join a Geocaching Adventure

For another one of our fun and active date ideas, you could try geocaching. This activity is great for getting outside. The idea is simple: someone will hide some form of prize or little knickknack in the woods and post the directions to where it is buried or placed.

The directions however aren’t always the most intuitive and therefore require some investigative skills that you and your partner will find challenging and fun. Geocaching is also a community sport and is typically hosted through apps for local communities.

You could even meet other couples or new friends along the way and at the same time enjoy whatever treasure you find. Just don’t forget to plant your own treasure and post the directions to keep the community alive!

Sit Outside and Design Fun T-shirts

After you’ve white-water rafted and run around a forest geocaching maybe you want something that stimulates the mind a bit more than the body but still gets you outside. You and your partner could buy some blank tshirts and design a few custom shirts together.

By far one of the most popular methods is tie-dye, which is very simple and fun to do. In fact, the first tie-dye shirts were created on accident when a bunch of friends were traveling cross-country and decided to stop and take a break. Some members of the group found a small pound nearby and went for a swim to stretch out and relax.

Meanwhile, someone had spilled something in the water which began to stain their shirts in different colors. The result was the first-ever tie-dye shirts that had multi-colored Mandela patterns. You can even save money by buying oil-based paints or even food coloring for more somber coloring.


Date 5 Active Date Ideas


Visit an Amusement Park

One of the greatest things about summer is visiting amusement parks. Depending on where you live, they may be quite a drive away from you, so it’s always a good idea to visit an auto body shop and get your car checked out before the road trip! Make sure your oil is fresh and your tires are good to go.

America is host to hundreds of amusement parks from ones focusing on roller coasters like Six Flags to water parks like SeaWorld and themed parks like Disney or others. Among the best amusement parks in the U.S., Sea World’s Miami-based water park has been ranked the best amusement park in recent years.

Long gone are the years of keeping whales and dolphins in tanks; the water-based amusement park has now geared towards fun rides and water-based activities instead.

Missouri’s Silver Dollar City also consistently ranks within the top five for best amusement parks and offers several days worth of rides, shows, and museums, like the world-famous wax museum. Branson Missouri is also known as a rather affordable amusement park compared to most.

Or, if you’re on the west coast then consider California’s best amusement park, Knott’s Berry Farm, which is not actually a farm, and has several of the tallest and fastest roller coasters and other rides in the area.

Plan a Fun Road Trip

Finally, road tripping is the iconic American adventure for summer fun and is one of those fun and active date ideas for those in longer-term relationships. A good road trip can bring couples closer together, teach you new things about each other, and even help you determine if you want to live with that person in the future. Planning the road trip is oftentimes half the fun.

You can start out by establishing a budget each person is willing to spend. Then try to think about where you want to go and what you want to do. With that in mind, plan for how much gas will cost, think about cheap accommodation like camping and couch-surfing, and food costs.


Fun and Active Date Ideas for Energetic Couples


The best part of all, plan some extra money for fun and active date ideas and activities you both plan on doing. Finally, make sure your car is ready for the trip by having a mechanic do a complete vehicle inspection beforehand.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you have a roadside assistance company that you rescue you if you become stranded or break down. Even newer cars are prone to nails in the road! Also, consider looking into your renters insurance policy and make sure it will cover stays in places like Airbnb’s or even hotels.

These fun and active date ideas are ideal for energetic couples who are looking for an adventure this summer. Consider trying out a few of these ideas with your partner!


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