Fun And Creative Ways To Kill Boredom During Quarantine

Staying at home sounds good when you get a break for a day or two after a week-long schedule or when you plan for a getaway after a long hustle. But the same does not stand true when you are forced to stay at home during these days when the spread of the Coronavirus is taking a toll on the health of people all around the world. So looking for exciting ways to kill boredom? Continue reading foe some incredible ideas!

In such unprecedented times, stress and anxiety are something that can easily take over one’s mind. But you need to know that the whole world is together in this. Hence, instead of bragging about all the odds, consider finding out positivity and happiness in small-small things to stay sane during this period.

Here we pen down a few splendid ways in which you can kill your time while practicing home quarantine:



If you have a baker popping inside you to let it out free, you can go ahead to try your hand in baking. May it be doughnuts, cupcakes, pastries, or a simple cake, all you need to do is to turn on a YouTube tutorial, seek permission from your mom and give the baker instincts inside you a chance to come out showcasing your baking skills.


For all those days when you managed to make an escape leaving your gym schedules and exercise regime for the next Monday blaming your hectic lifestyle, it’s time that you get started now.

With more and more people staying in home quarantine to curb the spread of Coronavirus and indulging in something creative and useful, you can also step ahead to break the barriers between you and your laziness to stay fit and healthy.

Staying at home, lying down like a potato couch enjoying Netflix all day is not going to end up in miracles transforming your body, but exercising indeed will if you are determined to lose weight. So start practicing yoga or take tutorials and exercise to stay fit and kill boredom while you quarantine at home.


Ways To Kill Boredom


Trying your hands in gardening not just adds beauty to your home, but it is a great way to kill stress. Seek a small terrace garden or plant indoor plants to spruce up your paradise with nature.

Just like a mother looks after her baby and yet feels refreshed and joyful, you can feel the same vibes running down your spine when you make an effort towards plantation and get flowers and smiling plants as a result.


Decluttering is another great thing that can keep you engaged in something useful during quarantine days. You might have played enough tantrums to refrain from disposing of your stuff, but now is the time when you can dedicate enough time to get rid of things that should ideally not be there in your closets and cupboards.

So spare some time and discard those stuff that you have been saving for ages and never looked back at. This will not only scoop extra space to welcome in some new things that you shop while quarantined but will also make your drawers and closets look more organized.


Ways To Kill Boredom


Watch your favorite movies

All those movies that you may have kept on your wishlist now are the time to run a movie marathon. Whether you like to watch an old movie again or watch movies that have made it to the Oscars, or start with a new web series, you can binge-watch all day long to cut down on your quarantine anxiety levels.

But make sure that you also accomplish your other chores or you’ll end up hearing some good words from your family mates.

Start a YouTube channel

If you have some talent and have nothing to do during this quarantine period, YouTube can be a great way to kick-start your journey as an influencer. In these tough times when people are struggling to make a livelihood, using your talent to monetize it into some hard cash via

YouTube can not only make you famous but also help you earn money in no time. If you do not have a good mic or are too afraid of using your voice for the YouTube videos, you can try Text to Voice generators.


Ways To Kill Boredom


Get started with a blog

Moving ahead to YouTube and vlogs, one can also start a blog, pen down your own experiences, and share them on an online platform to make money. This may sound daunting at the first step, but once it takes off, no one can stop you from achieving success and popularity.

May it be sharing a recipe via a blog, sharing your travel stories, training others in something you are an expert at, or penning down your views on viral topics, there are a lot of things that you can try to get started with a blog.

Give wings to your hobby

There can be nothing that can excite you more than your hobbies. May it be reading books, painting, dancing, or any other hobby that interests you, consider taking it to the next level by devoting ample time to your favorite pastimes.


Ways To Kill Boredom


Play word search games

Getting yourself indulged in playing online word games such as scrabble,, word finder, etc. can empower minds and reinforce your vocabulary power. Such games can prevent your brains from accruing rust and keep them functioning smoothly.

It also enables you to think out of the box, developing your strategic, problem-solving, and logical skills.

Connecting with your peers

Yes, you are quarantining at home, but you can still stay connected with others. With the world moving ahead in terms of technology with each passing day, you have ample sources to rebuild your bond with your peers and friends.

You are forced to isolate yourself at home, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stay isolated from the world as you can always connect with your loved ones using a virtual platform.

May it be a Zoom call, WhatsApp video call, or any other medium, virtual platforms have taken people to the next level to catch up with friends virtually.


mknk Ways To Kill Boredom



So there you go- Now you have a couple of things that you can do while you quarantine at home to stay away from negativities and darkness that surrounds the world during these challenging times.

So what are you waiting for? Pick on a few from the above list and transform your gloominess into happiness.


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