Fun Summer Projects for Kids at Home

It has been proven that children need to have recreational activities in order for them to stay active and avoid being idle. When a parent creates summer projects for kids at home, they set up their children to improve on their body mass index, their muscle strength, and their motor skills.  Their creativity will also be heightened and their health, in general, will be refined. Besides the health and psychological benefits of summer projects for kids at home, these projects are simply plain old fun. They will excite your children, and there are plenty you could tackle as a family to bring you all together in harmony. Let’s look at some fun activities that your kids can take on this summer.


Fun Summer Projects for Kids


Paint a Mural On Your Fence

A mural is a piece of artwork, be it a drawing or painting, that is constructed on a wall or fence. The great thing about painting a mural is that it has no boundaries and no rules. It is a great way of letting the mind run free, and when kids take part in this activity, they will be able to convey their thoughts in the form of art. To complete a mural, kids could use spray paint, paint, pencil colors, markers, highlighters, and even natural tools like mud and flowers.

Depending on the type of fencing that you may have surrounded around your property, there are different ways of making this project effective for your children. If you have a wood fence, then kids can easily paint directly into the wood. Be sure to outline the dedicated space you would like your children to draw on so they do not paint the whole fence – unless you would not mind, then by all means let them paint it all.

If you have aluminum fencing, picket fencing, or anything similar, the option of painting on a huge sheet of paper or even cardboard is available to your children. When decorating the canvas, you can help them hang up their piece of art, either on the inside of the fence or on the outside of the fence, so your whole neighborhood can admire your children’s artwork. They will certainly elevate the standards of residential fencing.


Fun Summer Projects for Kids


Decorate Your Backyard For Summer

From an early age, kids tend to draw on any surface they can find, the walls, the floors, and even kitchen counters! With that said, it is safe to say that kids are natural creatives. Decorating the backyard is one of the fun summer projects for kids at home that they can do.

Dedicating a piece of land to plant some beautiful flowers is an option your kids could take on. Creating a DIY fireplace is another project the whole family could help each other with. It would be such a fun learning experience. Hanging fairy lights through the branches of the trees is not only fun, but when night falls and the lights are turned on, your children will be dancing in delight because of how amazing it will look.

Another way to decorate your backyard is by building a deck. If you do not have one, taking on this as a family project will be exciting for your kids. If you are on a budget and do not want to go to the best furniture store, then you can get tables and chairs from a thrift store or better yet, build some of your own with the kids. You can also help your kids build a treehouse.

No matter their ages, children can design the treehouse in a way that will suit their preferences. When the projects are done, you could put paint on the whole family’s hand, and place each painted hand on your builds. It will act as a signature for years to come.

Clean The Family Cars

Usually, most kids are not natural cleaners. Chores are not right up their alley, but there are chores that can be spiced up to become fun summer projects for kids at home. One of those is cleaning family cars. It might sound basic, but if you were to take some fun music that your children like and put that on blast, it would become a cleaning fest.

Or if you have more than one car, you could divide the family into teams and put a timer, making it a competition. Whoever cleans their car first gets to win a prize. Not only will kids clean the cars with so much energy but they will surely have a great time doing it.


Fun Summer Projects for Kids


Create a Mini-Golf Course in Your Backyard

You do not need a golf membership, or a refurbished golf cart, in this next one: making your own mini-golf course. Summer projects for kids at home do not have to only last the summer. They can create something they can use in other seasons, and a mini-golf course will achieve that. By simply searching online websites, and/or YouTube videos, you will get all the instructions you need about the materials that you require and how to put them up together.

The golf course will be a hit among your kid’s friends and they will have a blast with it. They can put a twist to it and put whatever rules they prefer to have.

Put Together Baskets For a Local Charity

There will never be a time when one would have done enough to help the next person. This is because so many people in the world need help, so many people need a place to live, and multiple people go to bed hungry throughout the world. Not only is it rewarding in terms of having a good time in the kitchen, but teaching your kids to take time out of their day to put together food baskets for people in need and local charities will teach them soft skills that they could never have otherwise learned from a textbook.

Summer projects for kids at home can have all kids from the neighborhood help out bake cookies, make sandwiches, prepare lemonade and cute little notes to match that will be attached to the baskets. Without a doubt, local charities will greatly appreciate the kind act.

Food like bread, pasta, fruits and vegetables, and beans can also be included in the baskets. To make sure the day is not forgotten, your kids can document themselves cooking up a storm, neatly packing the food and they will get to capture the faces of people when they receive their food baskets. It is sure to be a great and emotional documentary.

If there are any extra baskets, kids could take one out back to their new deck and have a wonderful picnic to reward themselves after a successful day’s work.


Fun Summer Projects for Kids


Create Picture Books For Grandparents

As life gets busier and busier, it is easy to fail at putting time aside to create special and dear moments and memories with our closest relatives. Grandparents may reside in an assisted living program that might be far from where their grandchildren stay.

So, kids can put together picture books to give to their grandparents so that they have something to remember them by throughout the year. Putting together a scrapbook with cool designs and creative concepts will be exciting for kids and it is not just one of many summer projects for kids at home, but the whole family can join in to make something special for their dear grandparents.

To make it extra special and intentional, both parents and kids can commit to writing letters beside every picture that will be in the picture book. That way, their grandparents will have a piece of their family until their next visit!

Reorganize The Kids’ Bathroom

The bathroom’s four walls have seen kids grow up and go through potty training to brush their teeth all on their own. Ironically, the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms you will have in the home, but it is also the most used. For that reason, it is easy to have it messy and things not necessarily organized.

Therefore, reorganizing and decorating the bathroom will be one of the best summer projects for kids at home. Sliding baskets or hanging baskets are a great way of storing anything from bathing toys, toothpaste, extra towels, or soaps away. Children can either make their own baskets or get them at a store.

Having fun stickers all around the room with reminders to wash one’s hands or to switch off the light when you are exiting the bathroom and many more quirky reminders can be stuck in and around the bathroom. For example, instead of simply placing a roll of tissue on a roller, your kids can get a dinosaur figure put the roll of tissue on the neck of the dinosaur.


Summer Fun 5 Fun Summer Projects for Kids


Get Crafty

Arts and crafts are a go-to when it comes to summer projects for kids at home, and with good reason. Children have the ability to draw, paint, color, and create for hours on end. Craft goes beyond making posters, and depending on their levels of skill and age, kids can help create art to stick on frameless glass doors around the house.

They could paint fun kids’ kitchen stools that match your kitchen countertops. The possibilities are endless. Adding life to everyday utilities by drawing animated faces on them will be a great load of fun for children. An example is drawing a face on a dustbin with its mouth wide open so it looks like it is eating the trash you throw out.

Picture frames that will be home to the thousands of pictures taken throughout the summer can be made as well as friendship bracelets and necklaces, cardboard forts, and paper flowers.

Have Your Kids Thoroughly Clean Their Bedrooms

Just because you do not see it, it does not mean that the mess is not there. It is vital that, regularly, kids clean their sleeping space. This is to get rid of dust, and it is also a form of pest control. Bugs and insects will reside in places that are unclean and/or moist. Summer projects for kids at home are not just about building things but also putting things away.

To make it more exciting, you could look into creating a treasure hunt for your kids so that they have the motivation to do a deep clean of their rooms. Hide bars of chocolate, packets of cookies, and even a few dollar bills in their rooms for them to find and that would act as the reward for doing a great job.


Summer Fun 6 Fun Summer Projects for Kids


Plan a Yard Sale

A yard sale is a rewarding way of decluttering. This is one of the summer projects for kids at home that can be done with friends and family. The money that is raised from a yard sale can be used to help local charities by affording the aforementioned food baskets for those in need, and it is generally a great way of earning some pocket money for kids to get something they have been wanting to purchase.

Yard sales can be a fun way of playing shop, and children dress up in uniform and pretend they are running a real retail store.

These projects are only the beginning of a fun-filled summer, so challenge yourself and think outside the box. Be sure that for projects that include building with tools, an adult is always there to supervise kids. Most importantly, have plenty of fun while your kids and yourself are at it!


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