Garage Door Maintenance: 3 Tips For Long Life

There is no question that a fully functional garage door brings convenience to the family. Until one day, that your garage door does not serve the way it should be. Often, we take our garage doors for granted, expecting they will always and smoothly open and close as we touch the button.

Then, reality hits you with the facts you didn’t see coming. Have you ever been in the middle of a garage door malfunction? If you have, you know how upsetting this is. It is also time-consuming and dangerous to try to find and solve the issues. The garage door pros at Family Christian Doors in Flower Mound, TX, tackles the routine in maintaining your garage door to help prevent sudden garage door failure. 


Tighten Up The Hardware

The average number of households that open and close their garage door is about 1500 times each year! That is a massive dose of possible wear and tear in the long run. With all the opening and closing and the linked vibrations, different parts can loosen, possibly resulting in bents to your garage door if you have overlooked proper maintenance.

Luckily, keeping these parts in the best working condition needs just a few minutes and a wrench. Examine the brackets, fasteners, and bolts of your garage door to find any loose components. If you locate any, tighten them until you are sure. Use a socket wrench in doing that process.  


Garage Door Maintenance: 3 Tips For Long Life


Check The Rollers

With all the opening and closing happening per year, the rollers of your garage door can also experience extensive wear and tear. Garage door rollers, which guide your garage door into its tracks, generally have a lifespan of seven years, but specialists suggest examining them twice a year. If you notice any chipping, cracking, or extensive wear, it is time to install rollers replacement. Since the replacement can be difficult, it is best to call a trained garage door expert to do the job. This way, you can ensure the replacement is flawless and fast. 


Garage Door Maintenance: 3 Tips For Long Life


Put The Safety Features To The Test

If you own a manual garage door built after the first half of the 1990s, they came with many safety features. These might include auto-reverse, safety sensors, and manual override. Manufacturers installed these critical features to keep the family safe and comfortable at all times. Also, they wanted your garage door at its top working condition. 

Tip: If your garage door has no safety features, it is the perfect time for a garage door replacement

To examine the auto-reverse, place a solid thing on the floor toward the path of your garage door. Using the opener, shut the garage door. When the garage door touches the object, it should automatically reverse. If it does not work, contact a garage door specialist. 

To test the safety sensors, measure their height first. Then, look for an object that reaches higher than the height of the safety sensors. Put the object in the path of the safety sensors. Try to close the door using the opener. If the sensors operate well, they will detect the object and eventually stop the door from shutting. Again, if this feature fails, it is time to call your local garage door repair technician. 


bmn Garage Door Maintenance


To examine the manual override, get a ladder and put it under the chain that controls your garage door. Here, you should see a red, manual override cord hanging from the chain. Give the manual override cord a powerful pull to lock it in the correct position. You have just set the manual override mode.

To test it, try to open the door using the opener. If it does not work with the electronic opener, but you can lift it in your hands, your manual override is completely working. Pull the manual override cord once again to unlock the device and restore the automatic opening.

Family Christian Doors, Garage Door Repair And Installation In Flower Mound, TX

Garage door maintenance is vital for the safety of your family and the lifespan of your garage door. If you find that the parts of your garage door are not working as they should, our team, in-house garage door technicians, are here and proud to serve you.

With many years of experience, affordable and honest pricing, we have been the local garage door provider in Flower Mound, TX, and surrounding communities. Whether you need a new garage door installation or a garage door repair, we offer quality and fast garage door services. You can trust us. Call us today to learn more. 


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