Gifts for Dad: 5 Best Rado Watches For A Father’s Day Gift

Rado is a globally recognized Swiss luxury watch brand with several remarkable qualities to offer. It has established a reputation for its innovative use of materials in watchmaking. However, its status as “The Master of Materials” did not just happen overnight.  It took them a century to master the creation of some of the world’s most durable watches, featuring cutting-edge design and advanced watchmaking technology.

Today, their watches remain synonymous with innovation, hard-wearing, and aesthetics, thus making for great and high-quality gifts for Father’s Day.  Continue reading as we look back into the history of Rado and discuss briefly some of the materials it uses in its watches. We have also listed some of the best Rado watches you should consider as a gift for your dad. 


What Makes It ‘The Master of Materials’ 

Rado watches are classy, high-quality, and luxurious, to say the least. It takes pride in its use of ground-breaking materials—hard-wearing and scratch-proof—which are evident in every Rado watch introduced in the market. Ceramic, for example, has been crucial to its branding as it’s used for most of its collections. In 1998, the brand launched their legendary high-tech ceramic in its Rado Ceramica. 

But, before that, it has already been pushing the limits in luxury watchmaking with the use of scratchproof and gold-plated materials, just to name a few. Let’s look at some of the most innovative materials that ever graced the Rado watches.

High-Tech Ceramic

High-tech ceramic has played a significant role in building the Rado that we know today. It is described to offer a smooth, soft, and elegant finish to watches that are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and scratch-resistant. It first appeared on the first Rado Integral launched in 1986 and later on the Ceramica. 

Plasma High-Tech Ceramic 

A few years later, the brand launched a contemporary version of the high-tech ceramic: plasma high-tech ceramic. It’s similar to its predecessor, only it has a more metallic shine that is achieved by subjecting finished white ceramic to gases activated at 20,000°C in an oven. While it may look different, it still bears all the properties of high-tech ceramic: durability, scratch resistance, lightness, and hypoallergenic. 


In 2018, the company introduced its latest development with ceramic, Ceramos. It has been part of its new Rado Diamaster Ceramos line and is a precise blend of 90% high-tech ceramic and 10% metal alloy. It delivers the best of both worlds: the scratch-resistance and lightness of ceramic and the aesthetic appeal of metal. 

Other than that, the brand has also worked on other luxurious materials such as high-tech diamonds, sapphire crystals, and hard metal. Over the years, these materials have been key for setting Rado apart from other luxury watch brands. 

But, with the vast options, which one should you go for as an ideal Father’s Day gift? Continue reading as we narrow down your selection to 5 of the best Rado watches you can buy today. 


5 Best Rado Watches For Your Dad 

  1. Captain Cook Automatic Brown Dial Ref. R32505305

Brown dials sit somewhere in the middle of all the more versatile options including black, white, blue, and green. With its warm and subdued tone, it requires quite an effort to match it with any outfit. But, while that’s the case, there’s no reason you shouldn’t add a brown dial watch to your collection. It’s particularly true when the one that’s in discussion is this Captain Cook Automatic watch. 

With a brown dial and luminous silver-tone hands, this watch looks elegant in a 42mm stainless steel case and coordinating brown leather straps. It boasts 80 hours of power reserve and 200m water resistance. 

1. Captain Cook Automatic Blue Dial Ref. R32105203

As said above, blue dial watches are versatile. They look great on a wide range of materials and match an even wider selection of dials. Most watches that have this dial color sport a clean and minimalistic look, often with stainless steel material. 

This watch, for example, has a blue dial with a coordinating bezel laid on a 42mm stainless steel and ceramic case. It is finished with a coordinating stainless steel bracelet and packs 80 hours of power reserve and 300m water resistance. 

2. Hyperchrome Quartz Mother of Pearl Dial Diamond Markers Ref. R32184902

If you’re looking for a watch that integrates modern masculinity with modern elegance, then you should consider this rose gold watch for your dad. Featuring a darker and sleeker tone than yellow gold, rose gold pairs well with an overall minimalist look. 

The company has hit the spot with rose gold with this Hyperchrome watch that features a minimalist mother of pearl dial, diamond-set hour markers in a stainless steel 38.5mm case, and a bracelet. It has a rose gold-tone combination that runs from the case to the bracelet, which, overall, result in a classic-looking piece.

3. Ceramica Quartz Black Dial Ref. R21717152

Quartz watches may not be as desirable as other types of watches as they are usually regarded as lacking in technical craftsmanship and engineering. But, while it’s the case, you can find a wide range of high-quality watches with stylish looks at significantly cheaper prices.

This Ceramica Quartz, for example, is affordable without looking like it. It sports all-black features from its black dial, rectangular ceramic case, and ceramic band. Inside it is the highly precise, battery-operated Rado Calibre 156 movement. It has a water resistance of up to 30m. 

4. Golden Horse 1957 Limited Edition Automatic Green Dial Ref. R33930313

As said above, green works well with watches, and the brand know just how to rock the color with this Golden Horse 1957. With its green dial and stainless steel 37mm case and bracelet, it makes for an elegant timepiece that will go with everything. It boasts an 80-hour power reserve and 50m water resistance.

A Rado Watch For Your Dad 

Classic, dynamic, and highly durable—Rado is bursting with watch options that are designed to look just as good with formal wear as they do with a casual t-shirt and jeans. What better watch can you get your dad than this? To make this gift even more exciting, order some Single Malt Whisky and send it alongside the Rado watch! 

Which of these Rado watches appeal to you most? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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