Going About the Selection of Barstools for Your Cafe

They are many factors you have to consider when deciding on which barstool is the right one for your business. After all, where would you like patrons to sit and spend their time? What does your space look like so far? Are there any specific requirements to meet for appearances or comfort purposes? You will want to check these things before investing in a new piece of furniture for your cafe, bar, or club. If you are in a dilemma about how to proceed, here are a few suggestions.


Stool height

Think about the height of your bar or counter first. If the bar is 42 inches tall, the bar stools can be around 29-30 inches. You also have to account for the height of the people using these stools. More elevated seats are more comfortable for tall people. But shorter individuals need shorter chairs to relax.

In this, stool style can be another interesting angle. Some stools tend to be taller than others, and some come with backrests that make them look taller. No matter what, choose a chair that is the right height for the bar or counter and the people using it. For bar stools, you can check the Cafe Solutions furniture range once.

Style/ variety

You get a bar stool for every taste and budget. Whether you need a classic wooden stool or a more modern metal style, there’s sure to be one to satisfy your design goals. Modern variations usually focus on the sleekness and smoothness of the features. They have more of an artsy feel to them.

If you want to create a visual phenomenon, go for one with patterns in monochrome shades. You will love them for the kind of energy they carry. Your customers may also admire the selection. However, if you are hunting for an iconic something, Tolix metal stools remain unbeatable. Their classic appeal is difficult to resist.


You would like your patrons to spend as much time in your cafe as possible while chilling out, so the space looks busy and attracts more footfalls. While creating a chic-looking bar is a great idea, you cannot take a risk with comfort.

No matter how much everyone enjoys stylish decor, it can never replace the need for a cozy ambience. More precisely, people need comfortable seats to stay longer in one place. Hence, it will be best to add stools with cushioned seats. You can add all of them or mix and match different styles to cater to vast interests.


You must keep the overall theme of your bar or cafe in mind. A rustic environment likes the dose of warmth; wooden materials like timber and oak can be the best pick. Industrial themes are easy to replicate through metal chairs and stools. And traditional look can also be attainable through timber material.

There are plenty of stools to go through and select for your new or old cafe at the best prices. So, don’t bother about options or budget. Instead, please pay attention to quality and style to make them the right match for your decor.


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