Good Reasons for Your Home Décor Business to Work with an Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency

In recent times, influencer marketing on social media has gathered a lot of steam because it is a more credible way for brands to advertise themselves. According to a Forbes report, 80% of marketers are already using influencer marketing. Even though influencer marketing is a proven method of increasing brand reach and winning the trust of the target audience, identifying suitable influencers and collaborating with them can be quite tricky. If they want a hands-off process, the home décor business can work with an influencer marketing agency that will execute, manage, and monitor the influencer campaign for them.


What Route Should You Take?

If you own a home décor business, selecting an influencer and working out the campaign by yourself in an organic manner is usually the cheapest, however, it can be quite time-consuming if you are new to the concept. There is also no assurance that you will meet with success in hiring the right influencer because even after you spend a lot of time and effort in cultivating a relationship, the targeted influencer may not be interested to work with you.

Even if you find an influencer of your choice, working out an effective campaign may well be beyond your resources. To make the process of identifying suitable influencers less laborious, you can use an influencer marketing platform. However, there is still no guarantee that the influencers you choose will be interested to work with your home decor brand. Further, you still have the responsibility of working out, managing, and monitoring the campaign.

Using a specialized influencer marketing agency can perhaps be the most optimum solution because they can take charge of the entire marketing campaign, including influencer selection and working out the key messages for your home decor business. Some of the key benefits of using influencer marketing agencies:

Easier to Identify Influencers

Even though it is easy to understand as a concept, influencer marketing can be quite difficult to implement, especially for those inexperienced in this area.

The process of manually identifying influencers, cultivating them, and then negotiating with them for collaboration can be quite time-consuming and more than occasionally, frustrating. Further, creating content for the campaign in-house can also consume organizational resources that you may not be able to readily spare, especially if like most small home décor businesses, you do not have a team of photographers, copywriters, content researchers, editors, and more required to craft marketing campaigns that carry a punch. By using an influencer marketing agency, you can easily sidestep all these responsibilities, not to speak of the investment.

To lend further strength to your marketing campaign, you can simultaneously buy followers and get real comments on Instagram for a nominal outlay.


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Access to Influencer Marketing Expertise 

For many home décor businesses, especially the small and medium ones, influencer marketing is not something they may be familiar with. Even if they have dabbled in it, they may not have any real expertise in identifying influencers and building effective partnerships with them. By choosing to work with an influencer marketing agency, you can get ready access to domain expertise that would have otherwise taken you years to accumulate.

Influencer agencies are vastly experienced in the nuances of influencer marketing, especially in niche markets where most marketers stumble. You can depend on them to know the latest trends and advise you on the best way of putting together an effective campaign. Because influencer marketing is very lucrative, it has encouraged many influencers to pad their follower counts and engagement rates.

You can rely upon an influencer marketing agency to perform thorough due diligence and spot influencer fraud. Because of their experience, these agencies also can better judge which influencers are a good fit for your home décor brand.

Marketing Campaign Continuity 

Many businesses use different agencies for various aspects of the marketing function that can lead to confusion when it comes to influencer marketing because of the different priorities involved. However, when you use an influencer marketing agency, you are free of having to worry about conflicting advice and unnecessary duplication and can let a single agency take care of everything.


Even though it is common for influencer marketing agencies to use technology to identify influencers, they are in a position to make use of their considerable experience to judge better the capabilities of the influencers and whether there is a good fit with the requirements of the clients.

The agencies generally have a hands-on approach with influencers that allow them to build relationships at a personal level with everyone involved in the marketing campaign. It allows them to implement creative solutions to client requirements.

When you have a long-standing relationship with a marketing agency, it can understand your requirements better and work with influencers appropriately. If you do not have the time or manpower to develop influencer marketing campaigns, an experienced influencer marketing agency can be of great help.





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