Grow Room Tips to Help You Set Up a Cannabis Facility

It’s easy to turn an ordinary room into a grow room suitable for cultivating cannabis. But you have to get the right equipment from the Surna Cultivation Technologies and prepare the room properly so that it can keep your cannabis plants alive. There is a good chance that you can get large yields and grow larger plants if you have enough space in this room. There are a few things you have to do to prepare a grow room properly. This page will provide grow room tips to help you set up a cannabis facility.


Disinfect the grow room

The first step is to make sure that everything in the grow room is properly clean. You can do this regardless of whether you want to grow cannabis in a grow room or grow tents. Simply put, you must clean and disinfect the grow room before you can begin growing your cannabis plants. You can find many cleaning and disinfecting products, but make sure that they are eco-friendly

If you clean your grow room thoroughly before you begin growing cannabis plants, you can keep away insects and fundi infestations for much longer. Remember that it can be hard to get rid of infestations once insects and fungi come into your grow room. 


Grow Room Tips to Help You Set Up a Cannabis Facility


Set up a ventilation system

Before you set up a ventilation system, you need to make sure that your grow room has a reflective sheeting. This can help to block light from entering your grow room. You can do this by acquiring a proper reflecting sheeting to cover the floor, ceiling, and walls of the grow room. Ideally, you can choose to cover the walls to at least a meter and a half. You can use a stapler to attach the reflective sheeting to the ceiling and walls. 

After you finish covering your grow room with reflective sheeting, you should prepare the air intake and extraction system. When doing this, ensure that nothing should be visible from outside your property through the window. Some people set this up by putting the extraction duct on top of the window while the inline duct is placed at the bottom. Unfortunately, this is not the right way to set this up because it can take up the same air you are attempting to ventilate out of your grow room

Therefore, the right way you can do this is to utilize the widow to extract air. You can make a grid in your door to the room. This is known as passive intake and you don’t need to have an inline fan. 

Once you know where you want to set up your ventilation system and where you will be getting fresh air, you have to install the extractor fan. It’s worth noting that an extractor can usually be noisy and cause vibrations. Hence, you must use a soundproof box so that you can avoid this. You can attach it to the ceiling by utilizing a chain system or a frame. A soundproofed box can prevent the noises from being heard in other rooms and floors.

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