Hail Damage Repair Price Guide

If your car has been damaged during a hailstorm, you’re probably wondering how much the repairs would be. While the actual price may vary depending on the severity and location of the damage, this article will give you an idea of how much hail damage repair costs for common scenarios.


Is Hail Damage Covered by Insurance?

A key factor related to costs is insurance coverage. Hail damage is generally only covered if you have comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive insurance policies cover non-crash-related damage—like vandalism and weather events, such as hail. If you live in a hail-prone area, it is recommended that you get comprehensive coverage as a safeguard.

If you have a liability-only policy, which is what most states require minimum coverage, you’d probably have to pay out of pocket for hail damage. But what are your car hail damage repair options?


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Traditional Dent Repair Costs

In the past, hail dent repair was done using traditional dent repair methods. This involves an invasive, time-consuming process that includes applying filler onto dents, sanding them down, and repainting the surface.

The cost of traditional dent repair can range from $125 to $325 per dent. This can add up quickly when you’re dealing with dozens of small dents.

Traditional dent repair is a valuable method for when the damage is very severe, or when unusual, hard-to-fix damage is incurred (e.g. siding). Fortunately, there’s an easier, less expensive solution for most types of hail damage.

Paintless Dent Repair Costs

You would generally have to deal with a lower paintless dent repair cost than traditional dent repair—with rates averaging at $50 to $150 per dent.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is the process of removing dents from a vehicle without damaging the paint job. It’s often used for smaller dents that are no bigger than a quarter.

PDR involves a non-invasive process of removing car panels and then using specialized equipment to pop the dents out from the inside out.


Hail Damage Repair Price Guide


How is Paintless Dent Repair Different from Traditional Methods?

Besides being significantly cheaper than traditional dent repair methods, one of the biggest advantages of paintless dent repair is that it doesn’t require serious alterations to your car.

Filling, sanding, repainting, and other typical methods that replace or alter components of your vehicle are rarely used in conjunction with PDR. This is because they aren’t typically needed. Because of this, your car retains its original value.

PDR also doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, making it significantly more eco-friendly compared to traditional dent repair. It is also faster than conventional repair methods, which cuts the waiting time and allows you to get your car out of the shop and back onto the road quickly.


Hail damage repair can be expensive, but there are ways to minimize the cost. If you have comprehensive insurance, your insurance policy may cover hail damage. For smaller dents, paintless dent repair is usually a cheaper and more efficient solution than traditional methods.

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