Have The Perfect Wedding With These Planning Tips

So you’re engaged and it is time to start planning your wedding! Weddings are wonderful celebrations where you celebrate your love and new life together, however, it can also be incredibly stressful ensuring that all your bases are covered to have the wedding of your dress. 

From minimalistic weddings to going all out for your special day, every couple will have their idea of how to make this day magical. If you are starting your wedding planning, there are some key components that you will want to consider, that will make your day go smoothly and allow you to focus on this celebration of love with ease and comfort.

Here are some key tips for wedding ideas that will help make your planning easy and have your day go forward flawlessly.


Have The Perfect Wedding With These Planning Tips


1. Wedding Officiant

One of the first considerations you want to make when planning your wedding is securing your officiant. In many cases, you will want to have a certain person presiding over your wedding, and ensuring this person is reliable (and legally entitled to marry you) is incredibly important. If you are having a church wedding, your pastor or priest will generally be your officiant, and you want to contact them as soon as possible to ensure that they will be able to handle your wedding and make it work to your heart’s desires.

If you are choosing a non-denominational wedding, then you want to confirm your officiant has your dates available, and have the time they need to put a personalized spin on your ceremony as you see fit. 

No matter the case for your wedding, your officiant can make or break your day, as they will be the person front and center with you, handling the vows, making wedding speeches, and being right up there in the spotlight with you. A professional and well-seasoned wedding officiant can be a part of a support system you never knew you needed, so make sure you are putting in the time and effort to choose the right one.

2. Number of Guests

While you will not know exactly how many guests are coming to your wedding until your RSVP date, it is important to work a guest list out and have a rough idea in your head of how many people will be at the wedding. As you search for venues, decorations, and caterers, this number will continually influence the availability and is a huge part of making other decisions. These acrylic wedding signs by Mulberry Market Designs add an elegant statement to your wedding.

Imagine finding the venue of your dreams, but realizing it only has a capacity of 100 people and your guest list ends up being for 300. This can put a serious hitch in your plans, so having a rough estimate on your guest list will allow you to search for venues that can service your dream reception. 

Your guest list number will influence your venue and your budget for food and decorations, so having a good idea of how many people will be attending is one of the most important places to begin when planning your wedding.


Have The Perfect Wedding With These Planning Tips


3. Photography

Having a video and photo record of your big day may be incredibly important to you, so making sure you check out your options well in advance is important. The schedule of a wedding photographer is often very busy and booked far in advance. If you don’t secure your photographer at the early planning stage, then there is a very good chance they will not be available to you if you leave it to the last minute.

A reliable and professional wedding photographer can make or break the memories you hold onto after the wedding, so make sure you pay great care and attention to this part of your planning. Review your photographer’s portfolio, ensure that they are within your budget, and secure them for your date as soon as possible. While you may not think about this part of the wedding as a primary step, it is. So, secure your wedding photographer sooner rather than later to avoid any issues!


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4. Venue

Venue schedules can be just as hectic and full as your officiant’s and your photographer’s, so making sure your venue of choice has your dates available is important. Some venues book months to years ahead, so you want to make sure you peg down your venue as promptly as possible. Items like invitations can’t be chosen or sent out until you firmly know what date you are going for, and securing your venue as quickly as possible ensures you will be tying the knot at your chosen location on your chosen date.

While there are many other things to take into consideration when planning your wedding, if you get a handle on these key items early in the process, you are sure to reduce your stress and set yourself on the right path towards your dream day!

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