Have You Tried Virtual Eyeglasses Try On? Let’s See How Does It Work

No matter how cheap buying glasses online might be, many of us are still hesitant towards buying glasses online rather than optometrists. That is because you might feel unsure that your eyewear would fit or not if purchased online. On the other hand, when we need to change lenses in glasses, we might not be so apprehensive as various online stores like Overnight Glasses, Eye Buy Direct, Lensabl, etc., offer lens replacement where you only need to provide your prescription and frames.

For people who are doubtful when buying glasses online, a virtual mirror is an excellent solution. Now let us dig deep into this virtual eyeglasses try-on and find out how exactly it works. 


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What is a Virtual Mirror?

Virtual mirrors are a great way to let you see how you would look in various eyeglasses online. This technology also helps significantly in promoting online eyewear purchases. Virtual try-on mimics the mirrors you might have seen at the opticians’. The good news is that you don’t even need to download any app or software. You can access the virtual mirror on your mobile phones, tablets, or laptops very easily. 

Using a virtual mirror is not a very difficult task, and you won’t face any problems if you follow the instructions accordingly. You have to submit a brief video and an image. The program itself will place eyeglasses virtually onto your face. Whichever eyewear you choose would be displayed in your photo. This would allow you to see which frames suit you best and choose as you deem appropriate.

What’s more, you can even submit the photo of yourself with the eyeglasses of your choice to your friends and family to help narrow down your favorites. 


Have You Tried Virtual Eyeglasses Try On? Let’s See How Does It Work


How can you choose eyeglasses in accordance with your face shape?

When you are looking for new eyeglasses, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. For example, one should choose eyeglasses according to their personality, face shape, hair, eye, skin color, etc. It is widely acknowledged that your eyeglasses contrast with your face shape. For instance, people with round faces look good in rectangular frames, while square-faced people are likely to look better in round or oval frames.

On the other hand, rectangular, square, or aviator glasses would suit heart-shaped people best. Meanwhile, people with oval faces tend to look great in almost all types of frames. Hence, when you are looking for new structures, keep your face shape in mind. 


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How does a virtual mirror work?

The virtual mirror technology allows you to see how you would look in various kinds of eyeglasses. Following are the steps you need to follow to use the virtual mirror.

  • Take a photograph of yourself

Firstly, you need to take an image of yourself through a webcam. This will be your online mirror for choosing the right frame. The site will give you instructions such as looking straight into the camera, then slowly rotating your face right and left for a complete image. The software will let you know if the video is appropriate and when you are finished. 

  • Look for the perfect match

The next step is to put up a credit or plastic card on your forehead to measure the size. Take a snapshot of yourself holding the card between your forehead in one hand. The face recording you provide to the site helps to determine which frame would look best on you.

  • Check out glasses digitally

Now comes the most exciting part, where you choose various glasses to go on the virtual mirror. Finding one from the wide variety available is a difficult task but is by no means impossible. 


Have You Tried Virtual Eyeglasses Try On? Let’s See How Does It Work


The Assets of Virtual Try-on

We live in a fast-paced world where all organizations and businesses have entered online platforms. Along with that, eyeglass stores too opened online outlets and developed a virtual try-on. A set of instructions is mentioned above regarding how to use it. Also, if you read on, you’ll have a few more reasons to shop for your eyeglasses online.

  • Easy to use and incredibly convenient

Using the virtual mirror is just a piece of cake. All you have to do is take a photo of your face with your computer webcam or mobile phone and then upload it. Better yet, import one directly from Facebook. Yes! That’s all. You are now ready to try on billions of frames inside the comfort of your very own home. It’s a wonder what technology can do these days.

Also, virtual try-on saves a lot of your time. It eradicates all the commotion and cuts right to the chase. No wasting time dressing up, driving to the store, saying nothing about getting stuck in traffic, or having a salesperson hovering about and recommending one frame after the other.

  • Wide variety available

Let’s suppose you are in an eyeglass store, standing in front of a mirror. You try on a pair of eyeglass frames. And you keep on trying. How long before you throw in the towel and purchase an expensive frame. One that looks good on you at the store under the bright lights but not so much when you reach home. What do you do then?

The point here is, you can quickly try thousands of frames online and find the perfect one. There’s a wide variety available out there once you get online. You’ll find frames of every size, shape, color, and style.



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