Having Vision Problems? It Could Be Bad Depth Perception

Having you been stumbling around a lot lately and doing things like banging into furniture, or stubbing your toes? What you may chalk up to being clumsy probably has more to do with your vision than it does a sudden loss of balance or gracefulness. This doesn’t mean that you can’t see things as you probably feel like you do.

This is likely because you have trouble with your depth perception. Most people see things in three dimensions just as the world looks. The problem when you lack depth of vision is everything looks two-dimensional. It’s hard to judge distances and objects are definitely closer than they appear.

In this article, we will go over what it means to have poor depth perception and what to do to improve your vision.


Having Vision Problems? It Could Be Bad Depth Perception


How to know if you lack depth perception

Ultimately, you will want to see an eye doctor to determine if you officially lack depth perception who will help you determine if you need glasses. Don’t worry if you’ve never worn glasses as you can find all different styles that suit your face from round eyeglasses to square ones. The style of the glasses will certainly be the least of your concerns, anyway.

Before heading to the doctor, try a few exercises to determine if you are having trouble with depth or if it is something else.

The trick is to hold your finger up about 6 inches from your face with a shape in the background. If you can focus on your finger and then you see two images of the background shape then your depth perception is likely fine. If you then focus on the background image and your finger appears on either side, then it is pretty much confirmed that your depth perception is not an issue.

However, when you do the same exercise and your finger looks clearer on one side of the background shape than the other then it means that your depth perception is lacking. How bad it is will need to be diagnosed by a doctor.

What causes depth perception problems

There are a few causes that can impact your depth perception and other vision problems. If you are experiencing a lack of depth perception and it is accompanied by other vision problems then you can usually narrow down the causes.

For instance, if you have blurry vision already then this can also cause lack of depth perception. Strabismus, another vision issue in which the eyes point in different directions can also be a factor in deteriorating depth perception.

The treatment

In many cases getting an eyeglass prescription is going to help. However, in the case of Strabismus, corrective surgery is most likely to happen. When the eyes are pointing in different directions than glasses won’t do much to help that.

In the case that one eye is stronger than the other, then an eye patch is likely to be given to strengthen the weaker eye.

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