“Hello Neighbor” Fun Gift Ideas for HouseWarming Party

“A good deed makes the neighbors great.” This proverb kind of goes to be true. Just like family members, we do not have much say in the matter of who becomes our neighbors. But some actions can melt away any kind of animosity.

When living in a community, the shared harmony can guarantee a fabulous living experience in the long run. Whether it is catching the game together, or just sipping a beer on a lazy weekend afternoon, the relationship can take many burdens off the chest.

But with life choices, only a few of us are lucky to have long-term neighbors. Since we all are social beings, it is important to welcome the new ones with open arms in the neighborhood. They may be completely alien to the surroundings and may see it as a hassle to settle down with ease. However, being good humans, it should be our duty to make them feel more at home.

If you have been looking for gift ideas for your neighbor’s house warming party, then this article will help you.


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1. Painting

Probably one of the best things to get someone in the art of gifting is a nice painting. Now you do not need to be a connoisseur and should be able to identify a Monet from a Picasso as long as it is something that will look good hanging on the wall.

Choose a texture that is long-lasting as no matter what the style of the framed art is, it is an investment. It is something that can last a person a lifetime, adorning the walls of either the foyer or the home office. Even if it is a choice of personal taste, playing it safe with a few signature pieces will be always safe. We guarantee that it will be a source of joy for thy neighbor forever.

Red Pancakes Food Facebook Post Gift Ideas for HouseWarming Party


2. Windchime

A windchime in the bedroom or the balcony is something that is most popularly associated with peace and tranquility. The lovely sound of the windchimes is said to destress and generate positivity around the house. This is what makes it such a popular gift across a lot of different cultures around the world.

These come in different shapes, sizes and materials. You can select from glass, bamboo, shells, beads, and porcelain as they remain the most preferred. And because they are pretty much customizable too, you can add in a touch of bohemian dream catchers too, thus making your neighbor’s home decor a bit more stylish.


Gift Ideas for HouseWarming Party

3. Basket of homemade goodies

If you want to go the old school road, then there is nothing that can beat the charm of the good old basket of homemade goodies. No, you do not need to be a professional baker to churn out batches of brownies, cookies, muffins, and cupcakes to help the new people in the house next door find their equilibrium with the unfamiliar surroundings. A neighbor who cares is the most loved, right?

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4. Couch Items

A couch is the most common thing to be bought in a new and bigger home. In the hurry of things, generally, while buying living room furnishings, it is a usual thing to miss out on the little things. You can show a little thoughtfulness by giving your new neighbors a few of the complements which can help him or her get the look of the space together.

You can think of pillow covers, cushions, rugs, small runners, throw-on blankets, etc. to help complete their room decor. Even if you are just only acquaintances, for now, this gesture will definitely help you both find friendship grounds together.


Gift Ideas for HouseWarming Party


 5. Birdfeeder

Does not matter if your neighbor is a pet person or not, a birdfeeder still makes for a great choice. Depending upon the style of the house, you can choose the one which will match the exteriors. This gives the birds a sure shot place to find some food and water in all kinds of weather. Try to get the one that even has a separate section for resting. A hanging bird feeder looks great and your neighbor will definitely think sweetly of you for being such a caring person about the environment.


yard bird feeder cedar Gift Ideas for HouseWarming Party

6. Home Bar stuff

When a person is trying to make a home bar, then it is pretty usual to not be able to think of the little things which can make such a big difference. You can pick up items like dream smokers, jiggers, unique glasses, alcohol coasters, funky ice makers, or a big whiskey decanter. Trust us, your neighbor will always think of you while concocting a drink or two.

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7. Seasonal Wreaths

Wreaths are just not meant to be for Christmas. Be it either the season of Spring or Fall, a seasonal wreath looks so pretty and is just of the home decors that one cannot live without. If you think that you can help your sweet person in the next house, then this one makes for a very interesting pickup. Depending upon the climatic conditions, choose the materials that are long-lasting and are not that complex to maintain. Bright colors look great with either mono dull color or vibrant colored doors.


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8. Mail Organizer Rack

No one likes to see important papers and mail lying around and strewn all over the place. No matter how tempting it may sometimes feel to chuck everything out, there are always those few which have to keep at any cost. As with a new house, there will be more subscriptions and more mail, to save your neighbor the pain and gift a mail organizer rack to hold everything together nicely.

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The Bottom Line

In gifting, it is the thought that has the most significance. With the above ideas, you may even want to consider the options of salt and pepper shakers and a wooden planter box. Neighbors are always present there when emergency help is required. Thus, make them feel warm and safe in the new locality by gifting these gifts. We hope that this blog helped you to shortlist some of the items.

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