Here are Different Types of Roof Damages (What To Do if it Happens To You)

The role of a roof is to create a protective shield for your entire home and save it from extreme weather conditions. But the regular hits of climatic conditions such as heat, Strome make it weaker and result in different types of damage. Some of them, such as small leaks, can be easily managed using DIY skills, whereas others, like cracks, Broken Shingles, are hard to manage. You will need professional assistance to keep the house standing strong. So, if you are too struggling with damage or prone to damage to the roof. This blog is for your assistance. You will learn about different types of roof damages and how to deal with the situation.


Different Types of Roof Damages

There are different types of roof damages that can harm your home’s exterior. Here we have discussed some common types that you need to repair immediately.


1. Moisture damage

Moisture damage is one of the most common types of damage that can crack or lose tiles or torn underlayments. Moisture damage takes a long time to show off its symptoms. Because pets keep on damaging your internal roof portion from long weekends, and it starts causing decay, rot, mildew, mold, moss. According to Boise, Idaho roofer, it is important to choose high-quality roof material while installing. And you should also take expert maintenance services after fixed intervals to fix the issue before it becomes serious.

2. Punctures and Cracks

Puncture and cracks have their own reason to damage your roof. Wondering how? There are some fragile areas on the roof where careless steps can create a big blunder. Cracks and punctures are clearly visible damages and could be due to poor installation or maintenance. So, if you have good knowledge about puncture seals, moisture barriers, and fixing the cracks, go ahead. Otherwise, leave the job to experts for quick and professional repairing. Importantly, do not forget to check your roof after a bad storm.

3. Loose and Broken Shingles

Shingles are not installed for a lifetime, but an improper installation can result in faster damage. Strong winds, bad adhesives, and the presence of weak flashing can leave the roof bare. It can even break or tear shingles and assist in associating debris at home. Therefore, replacing the shingles with new patches in the first place is essential to save your roof.

4. Ponding Water

This is a little popular roof damage and seen in places where the roof is flat. The rainwater accumulates on the roof and creates a small water pond on it. To avoid such circumstances, inspect your roof and fix the issue as soon as possible.

5. Structural Damage

Structural damage is a type of defect that affects the core integrity of your home, especially load-bearing walls. Your support under the roof starts shifting or falling. It is a serious problem and requires prompt action by experts to fix it.

6. Wear and tear of materials

With the passage of time, the roof becomes more old and fragile. It starts rusting, bare shingles, moss, or grayed-out shingles. All these are symptoms that your roof requires immediate replacement or repair.


Different Types of Roof Damages



What to do if your house roof is damaged?

Here are some details that can help you in the event of a damaged roof.


  • Assess the Damage

When the changing climatic conditions hit your house, the first thing is to check the roof and assess its damage. If you have no clue how to assess the extent of damage, you can seek an expert’s opinion.

If there are minor damages, DIY skills can help you to assess your damage. Otherwise, do not hesitate to look for a professional roofer and replace or repair the roof damages. Keep in mind, if you are going to hire a roofing company, choose a reputable company only. Because some of the experts start guiding you for home renovations. Therefore, be strict to your needs and ask to give roofing estimation only.

Remember, experts always recommend replacing your roof after 30 years to bless your home with a long life. Even from the safety measures, replacing the roof protects your home and will not put much burden on your pocket after a few intervals.

  • Find a Local Contractor

Once you are able to make an estimation for your roof damages. Now, it’s time to find a local contractor who can serve you for emergency repair. Whether you need to repair or replace your roof partly or completely, the expert can change it as required.

Keep in mind, to find a reliable contractor, you need to go with research work. You can ask relatives or friends for specific contractor’s feedback. If possible, you can also look at online reviews or look at a professional’s previous jobs done.

  • Contact Your Insurer

More often, people insure their houses, and roofs are also part of their insurance. If you are too one of them who insured their home, it’s a great time to get compensation. Ask your insurance provider for the damage and get a guide for the contractor who fixes your roof at no cost. The handyman will receive all the amount from the insurance company. You just need to check the policy and understand your rights for compensation.

  • Replace the Roof

Some roof damages are recurring in nature; repairing them keeps on adding burden on your pocket. The best idea for such issues is to replace the roof. It may cost you high compared to repairing but eliminate the hassle for every calling repairman after some time. Even the time and efforts could be invested once rather than wasting time. If you are struggling with funds issues, you can seek loan assistance and pay in equal installments, but always use high-quality roof material.


Different Types of Roof Damages

Bottom Line

So, these are the different types of roof damages and what to do when you have a roof leak. Keeping your roof well maintained, safe and sound is essential for sound indoors. Therefore, when the weather conditions change, keep an eye on your roof and look for repairing or replacing options. Make sure, for fixing roofing issues, always choose a reliable contractor and use high-quality materials. If you are paying for home insurance, ask the insurer for the damages compensation amount.


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