Here’s How To Check If Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Working Properly

Having an aircon that’s in decent working order can be a game-changer when it comes to doing your usual routine, whether at home or work. It can also help you get much-needed sleep without overheating or sweating, causing you to wake up throughout the night.

You don’t struggle with your chores or meeting those deadlines at work, simply because of the aircon where you are in regulating the temperature at a manageable level. To keep it doing what it should, you need to ensure it’s regularly maintained, so this article looks at how to check if your aircon unit is properly working.


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First: Look and Hear

Inspect the aircon unit for signs of leakage because this shouldn’t be present. Any pools of liquid can be signs of broken lines or clogged drainage holes. Listen for any unfamiliar sounds, like squeaks, grinding or banging, as these could indicate that parts are wearing out.

If you notice any of these signs, the aircon servicing company in Singapore suggests contacting the experts immediately so they can carry out a deeper check of your aircon. By acting on these issues as soon as they present themselves, you could end up saving money. This is because leaving a small problem, like regular squeaking or banging, could make it grow into a bigger one.

Keeping Your Ducts Clean

The next thing you should do is make sure your ducts are clear from rips or tears. These can be caused by a rodent or bad workmanship, and, if this happens, you’ll notice uneven cool air distribution in your room or home, depending on where your aircon is used.

Poor airflow prevents cool air from making your room cool, rendering your aircon unit pretty useless. This could lead to higher electricity bills because you use more power to keep your room cool. Therefore, if you notice uneven cool air distribution in your home, it may be time to get someone in to check your aircon.

How Cool are You?

After, consider how well your aircon unit keeps you cool. Does it work as well as it did a couple of months ago? If you feel that it’s not, check the refrigerant because if it’s low, then your aircon won’t be able to keep your home effectively cool as what it used to because it can’t remove the humidity.

The reality is, though, that if your aircon is low on refrigerant, there is at least one underlying issue. This is usually a leak, which will require an aircon servicing company to send one of its employees to find where it is. However, if there are several leaks, you may need to face the possibility of replacing the whole aircon system.


Check If Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Working Properly


Is the Fan Making Noise?

Aircon units typically have two fans to help keep your home cool. Coupled with the motor running, you may sometimes hear noise coming from your unit as it’s working. If you notice there’s a louder noise than usual, it could be because of a build-up of dirt in your aircon. Worn-out parts of a fan also make a noise, but if you notice more noise than usual, you’ll need to call out a professional to check it out. 

This is even if your aircon appears to be working properly because it might need internal cleaning that only an experienced person can do. Once this is done, everything should be back to normal, unless there’s another issue.

Your Aircon Unit is just not Working

If it’s not working, check to see there’s enough power going to the unit, or whether the fuse requires replacing. If it’s something as simple as this, then it’s easily rectified. Otherwise, check your thermostat. Start with setting it at its lowest temperature to see if it’ll work.

Before you do anything, check the unit’s manual before attempting to program your thermostat. But if you’re unsure, or if adjusting the temperature still doesn’t help to get your aircon starting, call out an aircon expert.


This is similar to the last point, but the difference is the unit either switch off after being switched on, or switches off after 15 minutes of running. There are several issues that could cause this to happen, all of which require professional help, so call someone out as soon as you’re able to, to avoid making the problem worse.

By following the suggestions in this article, you’ll be able to keep your aircon in tip-top condition. This means it will more than likely work properly unless there’s general wear and tear. Knowing how to check it means you’ll be able to know when you require an aircon servicing company.

The sooner you call one out, the sooner you can get your aircon working as it should, and the sooner you can continue with what you’re doing, without struggling because of the heat.


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