Here’s What You Need to Do When Involved in a Hit and Run Accident

A hit-and-run occurs when an automobile accident occurs between two vehicles and at least one of the drivers involved fails to stop after the collision or does not exchange information with the operator or owner of any other vehicle that might have been involved. It can also be when a driver hits a pedestrian then flees the scene. It is important that you react quickly if you are ever involved in a hit-and-run car accident. Here’s what to do.


Seek Medical Attention

The first thing to do is to seek medical attention. This is true even if there are no physical injuries because of the possibility of internal injuries. The most common injuries in a hit and run are-

  • Head injuries– Head injuries are some of the most severe and can be fatal. A head injury can cause bleeding, bruising, and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Neck injuries– neck injuries are not as apparent as they may initially seem and may become more serious after time — such as whiplash or a herniated disc — which often require medical attention and may even result in long-term disability.
  • Spinal injuries– spinal injuries can be fatal and immediate medical attention must be sought. A spinal injury requires a highly trained and experienced professional to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment during the early stages of rehabilitation — not to mention ongoing coping strategies — for a successful recovery.
  • Broken bones/sprains/strains– broken bones, sprains, and strains can be extremely painful. They will often require medical treatment for pain relief and to fix the injury itself.
  • Internal injuries– this is when an organ in your body has been damaged due to blunt force trauma (the impact of something or someone colliding with it). Internal bleeding is the most common internal injury that results from an automobile accident.


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Hire A Lawyer

After you have received medical attention, your next step should be to contact a hit-and-run accident attorney. You will need to hire an attorney who specializes in hit and run accidents so he or she can help you receive the financial compensation that you deserve. Keep in mind that whether you hire a Waipahu hit and run accident lawyer or a Florida hit and run lawyer, there are some qualities to look out for when choosing a lawyer. Some of those important qualities to look out for are:


The more experience a hit-and-run accident lawyer has with these types of cases, the better. You will need to be able to trust your attorney so you want one who you know is experienced enough in these types of cases to get you what you deserve from the insurance company and court system. 


You also want to choose a hit-and-run accident lawyer with a good reputation. This way you can feel more comfortable knowing that your attorney is always fighting for their client’s rights and interests, and not ripping them off.


This should go without saying, but make sure your attorney is available when you need them. They should return your calls and emails promptly and get back to you with any updates as soon as possible. They should also be available to meet with you in person if need be, even if it’s just to answer some quick questions about the case.


Here's What You Need to Do When Involved in a Hit and Run Accident


Get The Police Involved

After contacting a lawyer, your next step should be to call the police and report the hit and run accident. The police will give you a case number to use if any issues come up pertaining to your accident, such as with insurance companies or in court. When filing a police report, you should provide the police with all of the following information:

  • Your contact information  
  • License plate number and state of the car that hit you 
  • A description of the car that hit you (color, make, model) 
  • Driver’s license number if known 

Gather Evidence 

It is crucial that you gather any evidence you can after a hit and run accident has happened. You must provide the police and your lawyer with as much evidence as possible. If you can, take pictures of:

  • The area where the accident occurred 
  • The skid marks left by the car that hit you 
  • Any debris from the car that hit you (beer cans, cigarette butts, candy bar wrappers) 
  • Your injuries  
  • Any damage to your car (take pictures of scratches, dents, broken glass) 

A hit and run accident is when you are in a car accident caused by someone who leaves the scene. The steps to take when involved in a hit-and-run accident vary depending on your situation, but they generally include filing a police report, seeking medical attention, hiring an attorney, and obtaining any evidence that might be available.

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