Hiring The Right Residential Painter: What To Look For

Sure, you can paint your home’s interior on your own. All it takes is some paint, a few brushes, some protective drapes, and a little elbow grease. However, you probably won’t get the results you’re looking for, especially if you have no experience.

This is why it’s best to hire a professional residential painting service. By doing this, you may save yourself the frustration of messing up your home’s paint job.

However, finding the right painter is easier said than done. Every service provider is different, and if you’re shelling out cash for premium results, you deserve to get what you want, without any hassles or unprofessional issues.

So, read on for a straightforward guide to picking the right residential painter for your home’s next paint job. Let’s get to it.


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Step 1: Check Your Options

First, you’re going to need to know which companies are available to you where you live. Luckily, the internet makes this the simplest step of all. You just have to make use of Google.

Type “residential painting services near me” with your location tagged at the end into Google’s search engine. Within seconds, you should have a full list of the services available to you, their websites, phone numbers, and operating hours.

This step will also help you narrow your search down because Google automatically shows you the rating each business has. Look for a highly rated business and be wary of businesses with low ratings.

Step 2: Check Qualifications

Any residential painter can make a bunch of promises in their marketing material. However, you need hard proof that they have the skills they say they have.

You can get this proof by checking for official certifications and past customer reviews on third-party sites. If a company has certifications worth noting, they’ll typically have those labeled on their website.

Don’t just look for certificates and licenses, though. See if they have any claims to fame such as local business awards.

Once you’ve checked their official qualifications, sites such as Yelp can help you see what other customers think of their performance. You have to take these user reviews with a grain of salt, though.

If a review is overly negative or positive, bypass it. Look for fair reviews that back up their claims and describe specific issues or positive points.

The highest regarded companies should be on your shortlist.


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Step 3: Contact for a Quote

Now, it’s time to start figuring out numbers. You should have a realistic budget in mind before you start this step.

However, it is worth noting that you should not go too low. Even the most budget-friendly services deserve fair compensation but don’t go too high, either.

There’s nothing honorable about overpaying. The size of your home and the complexity of the job should both be taken into account when setting your budget.

Call each company you have on your shortlist, describe the project, and ask for a quote. Don’t commit to anything yet, though. But while they are on the call, also cover the next steps.

Step 4: Confirm Compatibility

The team you hire to paint your home will be entering your home. You should feel comfortable with them. While you’re gathering quotes, you’ll get your first sign that you’re compatible with their team.

Take note of how they speak to you, whether or not they act professional, and if you get along well with them. A paint job may take multiple days even with a professional team.

As such, you don’t want someone you can’t trust or don’t get along with coming to your house every day. Not to mention, unprofessional teams are unlikely to give high-quality service.


Hiring The Right Residential Painter: What To Look For


Step 5: Check Guarantees

A company that provides great results stands by its work. If a company doesn’t, it’s probably not one you want to work with. You can ask about this on the phone when you ask for a quote if it’s not present on their website.

This does not mean that a painting service needs to guarantee money back for any reason whatsoever. That’s a good way for companies to go bankrupt.

However, if a team of employees leaves paint splatters all over the place, mess up the trim, or destroy your property, the company should be willing to go back and either fix the problem or compensate you financially.

If they can’t do that, there’s a reason for it, and you need to go with another option.

Step 6: Hire the Best

By now you should have enough information to find the best residential painter for your needs. If a company meets all of the above-mentioned criteria, you’ve found one that will provide exceptional results.

Go ahead. Make that final phone call, schedule a date for the job, and rest assured that your home is in good hands.

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