Holistic Healing – The Best To Heal The Body and Mind

Increasingly, people are looking for othHr self-care and self-knowledge methods to achieve mental health. It is true that everyone can find different ways to do it, however, holistic healing can be very useful for it. The approach of this type of therapy is based on understanding the human being as a whole. In that aspect, the treatment seeks to heal the body, mind, and spirit to achieve the integral balance of the person.

Allopathic practitioners often do not understand what holistic medicine is. The difference is very simple: this is a practice that does not aim to cure a specific disease but to heal the body, soul, and mind through alternative and conventional therapies.

This type of medicine understands that a person is attacked by diseases due to environmental, social, physical, spiritual, or emotional imbalances, for which the doctor becomes a mentor who guides the patient to treat and prevent the different diseases that could prevent him from healing naturally. The holistic medicine we know today has roots in three different cultures: China, India, and Greece.


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Holistic healing in Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is known to date back more than 4,000 years, although the oldest publications on this practice were written more than 2,000 years ago. For this culture, health was understood as a balance between the spirit, the five elements of nature (water, earth, fire, metal, and wood), Yin and Yang (positive and negative energies that complement each other), Qi (the vital force), bodily fluids, blood, Jing (the essence) and emotions. Holistic healing began to include practices such as massage, herbal medicine, and acupuncture.


holistic healing  Natural healing, holistic healing therapies, holistic health and healing
Acupuncture therapy and Chinese herbs


Resources used in this therapy

Holistic healing, aka natural healing, is a widely used therapy to find the origin of a problem or emotional discomfort to heal it. This method uses natural, energetic, awareness therapeutic techniques, among other types of alternative therapies.

Holistic healing therapies encompass healing techniques that promote natural stimulation. It does so through energy therapies or natural ways that help take care of physical and emotional health.

There are numerous types of holistic healing therapies. Below are some:



This therapy stimulates the body’s own healing abilities so that it can heal and regain vitality and wellness through meds that restore the natural balance. Homeopathy was created at the end of the 18th century on the premise that a substance that makes a healthy person sick can cure as well. Currently, there is a wide range of possibilities for treating different types of diseases and pathologies. Homeopathy is used as an exclusive treatment or as a complement to allopathic treatment.


healing naturally, natural healings,
Flowers and essential oils in homeopathy


Acupuncture uses very thin needles to stimulate specific points on the body called “meridians”. In this way, the energy that is concentrated is released to flow and balance the body. This practice is one of the oldest in traditional Chinese medicine and understands that the balance of energies between meridians causes the pain and diseases that afflict the body.


holistic healing  Natural healing, holistic healing therapies, holistic health and healing
Back treatment in acupuncture


It is the application and study of plants and other products of natural origin that can be used therapeutically to prevent, mitigate, or cure diseases. It is considered the mother of modern pharmacology since they work similarly but have different applications. This practice dates back to prehistory when shamans used herbs to deal with health issues. Phytotherapy is an alternative or a complement to pharmacological treatments as it helps strengthen the immune system and allows the body to heal better.


healing naturally, natural healings,
Dried phytotherapy medicinal herbs

Flower therapy

Also known as “Bach Flowers”, flower therapy uses essences of natural origin to treat emotional disorders such as loneliness, stress, fears, and obsessions, among others. It was discovered in the 1920s by Dr. Edward Bach, who experimented with the healing properties of 38 wildflowers from Wales. This theory states that flower therapy restores emotional balance and, consequently, improves physical illnesses.


holistic healing  Natural healing, holistic healing therapies, holistic health and healing
“Bach” flower essential oil


Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils and other products of plant origin that provide a beneficial effect on the mind and body. It is often effective to relieve minor pain, release stress, and solve stomach issues. In aromatherapy, essential oils are blended and applied topically or put in candles or vaporizers so that the patient can smell them. This holistic healing technique is usually combined with massages to increase the relaxing effect of both therapies.


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Main Benefits of Holistic Therapy

By implementing these holistic healing therapies, it is possible to achieve and improve holistic health. It is an interesting bet to improve mood and address different psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and insecurities, among other disorders. These are other benefits:

  • Improves overall health
  • Unites body, mind, and spirit
  • Has a comprehensive view of the person and their status
  • Works in the dimensions of the conscious and subconscious
  • Frees the individual conscience to achieve wellness
  • Promotes personal growth and progress
  • Seeks to find the personality and initial identity of the person
  • Teaches spiritual activities linked to natural healings
  • Promotes autonomy and enhances decision-making capacity
  • Cultivates self-love
  • Increases emotional intelligence
  • Helps relieve stress and sleep better


holistic healing  Natural healing, holistic healing therapies, holistic health and healing


Importance of Holistic Health and Healing

Having holistic health and healing is translated into having peace of mind. In this sense, whoever tries this method finds himself and becomes aware of his abilities, capacities, and limitations.

The key is to adopt proper natural healing strategies and integrate them to live, learn, and recognize the things that lead to happiness.


healing naturally, natural healings,


In essence, holistic healing is fundamental to leading a fulfilling life. Thanks to this method, the person learns to respect and admire herself, have vitality, and increase her emotional intelligence. This helps you be more empathetic and tolerant, at the same time you strengthen your relationships.

Contrary to what many people think, holistic healing does not believe that allopathic medicine is something negative. Instead, they believe these practices allow healing naturally and boost wellness.

Furthermore, many professionals combine treatments from both practices to get the most from the two worlds and change lives for the better. In holistic healing, the relationship between the patient and doctor is essential to find the cause of the disease, detect its origin and, finally, help the body in healing.

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