Home Safety: How To Stop Intruders From Targeting Your Home

With the increase in crime rate today, keeping your home safe and secure is of the utmost importance. Individuals who need to constantly step out of their home for chores and work-related tasks need to be extra careful, especially with kids and pets at home. By implementing certain devices and tips, you can strengthen your property’s security and take a sigh of relief. Consider these tips to keep your home safe and stop intruders from entering your premises.


1. Secure the Openings

The first step towards blocking intruders from entering your home is by securing your openings. Most burglars break into a property from open doors and windows. Since they are always looking for a tiny opening across your property to invade your interiors, do not give them a single chance to break in and create havoc.

Examine the current condition of your doors and windows and determine whether or not they need to be changed. If they are too old, replace the panels and add new panes. Check the hinges and tighten loose screws. Hire a carpenter to install new doors and windows across your house.


How To Stop Intruders From Targeting Your Home


2. Upgrade your Locks

If you are using the same locks for a few years now, it is time for an upgrade. Check the condition of your locks and determine their strength by picking or bumping on them. Since burglars and robbers possess the expertise of breaking locks, pay extra attention to the type of locks installed on your doors and windows. You could get a complete lock pick set online and test out several locks to determine which one has the toughest security features to break. There are countless free tutorials online that will teach you how to use different lock picking tools.

Today, digital locks are gaining traction due to their enhanced level of security and ease of use. They don’t need a key and can be operated with just a passcode. If you have rented your current apartment, the old tenants may still have the key to your home, which is also why you must change or upgrade the locks. 

3. Clear Your Landscape

Keep your landscape clean to enhance visibility. Trim your shrubs and clear the pathways to keep the intruders from hiding behind the plantations in your garden. You should have a clear view of your entire yard from your window. With this, you can easily spot trespassing and peculiar silhouettes.

While keeping your yard clean is important, installing light across the pathways can also augment visibility. Moreover, you can safely walk across your yard at night without stumbling or tripping over the hard surface. If you can spare more money, install lights that operate on solar energy or motion-sensing fixtures.


How To Stop Intruders From Targeting Your Home


4. Install an Alarm System

A reliable alarm system can act as a strong deterrent to keep your home secure and free of unwanted activities with optimum surveillance. Some systems include additional features such as glass break detection, motion sensing, and wireless monitoring. With a myriad of alarm systems and integrated features available today, picking one can be a daunting task.

Consult your local service provider to know more about the types of models and additional features in different alarm systems. While some can be connected to a mobile app, others integrate a CCTV camera with the system to make a dependable home security system.

5. Place CCTV Cameras

Another integral part of a reliable home security system is CCTV cameras. Place one camera at every entry point across your property, especially near the openings. Get a service that connects the footage with an app, which will help you keep an eye on your property when you are not at home.

Even if you are leaving your kids or pets at home with an adult supervisor, installing CCTV cameras is important to keep your peace of mind and ensure safety. If you have the luxury, get an entire home security system with alarms and cameras to enhance security and make your property safer to live in.


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6.  Install Outdoor Lighting

Burglars and intruders are always tempted to enter dark or poorly-lit properties. They instantly assume that no one is home and are ready to take charge. To avoid this, leave an indoor light on, even if you are heading out. Outdoor lighting can also improve visibility and help you spot strangers lurking around your property.

You can either call up the police or seek your neighbor’s help in these suspicious situations. That being said, befriend your neighbors and ask them to keep an eye on your property when you are out. Adding some foreboding signs like ‘Beware of dog’ and ‘Security system installed’ can also scare intruders away.

Consider investing in a strong safe to protect your valuables. Whether it’s your business premises or your home, every type of property can be secured by following these tips. If you have kids or pets at home, enhancing and strengthening the security factor becomes even more important.

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