House Makeover on a Budget: 4 Brilliant Painting Ideas You Should Try

Bored of your home decor? Can’t afford to replace every single piece of furniture you own?

If you want to switch up the look of your house in an easy – and cheap – way, painting is the way to go. Changing up your house’s look and achieving a different vibe is easier than you may think. Whether you’re looking at the inside or outside of your house, we’ve got some great house painting ideas that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing.


mkl house painting ideas


House Painting Ideas 

The choice can feel overwhelming, so breaking down what you want out of each room is an easy way to figure out your color scheme.

1. Bold Colors 

Choosing a bold, statement color (think green, bright orange, or flashy pink, for example) can give any room a complete makeover. This is such a simple way to completely change the atmosphere in a room while letting your personality shine.

2. Tone It Down 

Alternatively, if you want a calmer, more soothing atmosphere, muted colors are the way forwards. Light grays, pale green, and creams can relax the feel of a room.

A fresh coat of paint will also make your space look cleaner and more put together.


House Makeover on a Budget: 4 Brilliant Painting Ideas You Should Try


3. Make Your Room Feel Bigger Or Smaller

If you’re working with a smaller space, a bright, crisp white will be sure to open up your space. This will make it seem airier and more open. It’s important to note that smaller rooms can’t handle as much color as larger rooms can – lighter hues and colors help to brighten and open, which can be lost with darker colors.

If you’re wanting to make a room have a cozier feel, then go for darker, warmer colors. Maybe a navy or a deep red to create a more intimate feel. Darker wall paint colors tend to make surfaces seem closer than they are, creating an overall smaller sense of a room.

4. Take It Outside With Exterior House Paint Ideas

The exterior of your house is as much of a canvas as the interior and is also a simple way to give your house a makeover.

White, light gray, ivory and taupe are all examples of great classic colors that will stand the test of time trend-wise. These colors will give the exterior of your house a much-needed boost and refresh.

Showing your personality through the exterior paint color is a sure-fire way to make your house pop. Think dark gray, turquoise, burgundy, or mustard yellow, as examples.


House Makeover on a Budget: 4 Brilliant Painting Ideas You Should Try


Your Choice 

It’s important to remember that your home is yours, and should reflect the personality and vibe that you love and want to show off, whether that be inside or outside of your home.

If your house has been in need of a refresh, paint is the way forward. When it comes to house painting ideas, hiring a residential painter to help you is never a bad idea. Let someone trusted do the job for you so you can enjoy a neat, clean house makeover without having to lift a finger!


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