How Are Cocktail Tables Different Than Coffee Tables?

Want to know the difference between cocktail and coffee tables? If so, read on!

Coffee and cocktail tables serve different purposes. Thus, there are subtle differences between the two. These differences may go overlooked. To understand the essential purpose of each, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with such.

You never want to buy one without knowing what you need and what you don’t, right? That is why you are here today. Keep reading to learn about the differences between coffee and cocktail tables.


Differences in Aesthetics

Cocktail tables are more ornate with more detailed designs. These are often made of higher quality materials, while coffee tables are simplistic in design.

Cocktail tables can be used as statement pieces in a room, and are often more expensive than coffee tables. These usually have a more slender, elegant look to them.

Differences in Functionality

Cocktail tables are designed for drinks and can be used as a space to set down a drink or appetizers while standing, as opposed to sitting. These often have a built-in shelf or storage space for glassware, mixers, and other items needed to make drinks. It is usually found in bars, lounge areas, and other places where people gather to drink.

On the other hand, while seated you can use coffee tables. This makes them more functional as a surface for setting down coffee cups or plates of food but can also be used for other purposes such as a place to put your feet up or a place to set down a book or tray.

Differences in Material

Material-wise, coffee tables are generally made out of wood, while cocktail tables can be found in a variety of different materials such as wood, metal, glass, or even acrylic.

With the vast range of materials that cocktail tables can be made out of, there are plenty of options for those who want a more stylish table, click here for details.

Differences in Size

A cocktail table is taller than a coffee table, it is also narrower, making it ideal for smaller spaces. On the other hand, coffee tables are usually lower to the ground or almost the same height as your sofa and are designed for coffee, magazines, books, and other small items. It is usually found in living rooms and other places where people gather to relax.

Differences in Price

Cocktail tables are generally more expensive than coffee tables. This is because it is typically made of higher quality materials and is more durable. It also tends to be more stylish and sleek, which can add to the overall cost.


Cocktail Tables as a Versatile Piece of Furniture

Cocktail tables are taller than coffee tables and have a smaller surface area. They are typically used for appetizers and drinks, and you can also use them as makeshift buffet tables.

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