How Can I Find the Best Office Cleaners Near Me?

Office space takes up about 4 billion square feet of office space throughout the United States. Each of these buildings is full of cubicles, private offices, meeting rooms, lobbies, and more. With millions of people using them every day, offices get very dirty. You’ll need to address this, and the most common approach is to search online for the best office cleaners near me. However, this can return a long list of results for an overwhelming decision. This guide will help you select the best cleaning service for your office.


Talk With Other Business Owners

Ask other business owners that you know what office cleaning services they use. Getting a referral can give you guidance based on their experience to help you avoid a questionable company. Ask about the company’s rates, processes, customer service, and emergency responsiveness.

Stick With Local Cleaners

If the company is a local one, you can get a faster response and better customer service. They are also more likely to have experience with the area and your particular office building. You can build a relationship with your cleaning service, something you won’t be able to do with a national company.

The Right Experience

A well-established company will have years of experience, making them better able to tackle a variety of cleaning needs.

Ask if the cleaning service has experience cleaning for businesses in your industry. Some industries have specific standards and requirements. The cleaning company that you hire needs to know and understand these requirements.

Get a Few Quotes

Request a quote from more than one cleaning service. This lets you compare rates and services so that you can pick the best option. Ask for a detailed estimate of the entire cost in writing.

Do They Have Insurance and a License?

The commercial office cleaning services you hire needs to have liability and workers’ compensation insurance. If they don’t have insurance or don’t carry enough, your business could be liable if anything happens.

Inquire About the Staff and Products

A cleaning company is only as good as the people they hire and the cleaning products that they use. Look for an industrial cleaning service that has a rigorous hiring process and low turnover. The people they hire should be trustworthy and dependable.

The cleaning service should also have a thorough training program. Ask how training is done and what safety protocols are in place. Ask what guidelines are given for acceptable behavior while on your business property.

The people coming to your office shouldn’t even question how clean your business is. Depending on the type of business you operate, this can result in different requirements for the number and types of cleaning products that get used.

Find Office Cleaners Near Me

As you can see, there’s more to finding a cleaning service than just Googling “office cleaners near me” and expecting to find what you need. Ask fellow business owners about their experiences, request quotes, and inquire about established processes.

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