How Can the Daily Sleeper Lavender Dress Change Your Whole Summer

The summer is finally here! People everywhere are thrilled with the fact that this lovely time of the year finally blessed us with green trees, sunbathing, and long-awaited vacations. However, some of us might be slightly puzzled. How do we keep ourselves both comfortable and elegant during the hot days, when everything you want to do is just lounge with a glass of cold lemonade?

Fortunately, there is a pretty easy solution to this question. There is no need to keep wearing the same pair of jeans shorts and a tank top to survive the temperature – instead, you can opt to spice up your wardrobe with a Sleeper loungewear dress. As this brand strives to maintain a visible balance between a breezy, light silhouette and capturing grace, its loungewear is surely a key piece of any fashionista’s lookbook.

Sleeper, which is a Ukrainian brand, is in hands of two professionals – Asya and Kate – who are determined to give their customers the best experience with sophisticated garments. The catch lies in the versatility of Sleeper’s collections, as they strive to fit many occasions you might want to wear them to. Baby showers, birthdays, cocktail parties, dinner dates, and even weddings – you can find something exactly for your taste and needs. The simple yet aesthetically pleasing outlining of the dresses and other loungewear makes them suitable for both everyday wear and high-class events. 


 Magical Sleeper Loungewear Dress to Keep the Chill Mood Anywhere

The Daily Sleeper lavender dress is one of the most famous pieces in the brand’s catalog. It isn’t a coincidence that it falls in the category of loungewear – the freeing silhouette is the perfect choice for relaxing on your day off, or running errands on a busy day, while still feeling minimum stress.

Pastel lavender is the perfect summer color, as it’s not too bright or too dark. It’s the ideal middle ground for highlighting different skin tones, as is the shape of the dress, although you can easily accentuate your waist with a slim belt.

There are small accents on the sleeves and the bottom of the dress, which make the whole look a little more fresh and interesting. The central detail is the ruffled shoulder outline, bringing out your collarbones and neck. It broadens the variety of accessories you can use to make the outfit truly unique and charming so that everybody will remember it.

This dreamy linen dress can be paired with a variety of stylistic choices:

  • A pair of loafers and a cute bag for your “big city life”.
  • Earrings and a minimalistic necklace with a simple pair of high heels for your friend’s party.
  • Lightweight sneakers and a bandana wrapped around your hair for a day in the park or a picnic.

The final word is yours! 


How Can the Daily Sleeper Lavender Dress Change Your Whole Summer


Live Out Your Artistic Dreams With Famous Atlanta Dress

Another highly popular model in the Sleeper’s collection is the memorable Atlanta dress. This absolutely gorgeous coral dress definitely takes the “Audience Choice” award home!

Bringing a completely different story to the table, this piece resembles an eye-catching, princess-like gown, which is a flawless pick for any of your summer adventures planned. You can wear it to a friend’s wedding, to a casual day out, or even on your next vacation – the options are limitless! The thing that makes this garment so versatile is its material. It is made of lightweight linen, which will make you feel comfortable no matter the weather conditions. Moreover, the skirt adds a touch of playfulness and romance to the look, while the off-the-shoulder design makes it flirty and fun.

Speaking about the off-the-shoulder design – you can step it up a little bit and almost completely change the look of the dress. Wearing your sleeves the same way as the picture suggests makes your outfit a little more polished; keeping the sleeves off the shoulders, on the other hand, will make you appear more relaxed and laid-back.

The tightly fitting (however, very stretchy) bodice is the prime focus of the dress and even brings the attention of the most experienced designers. Puffy lantern sleeves with big ruffles on the bottom make the whole outfit look more put together and extra fancy, if there’s a fitting occasion where you want to appear that way.

You can easily play with different colors like bright greens, deep blues, or even neutral browns when trying to style this dress since the muted corals won’t “hog the covers”. Nevertheless, this warm color scheme is definitely exquisite for warm summer days, when you want to relax while still feeling charming.


unnamed 2 Sleeper Lavender Dress


 Making Women All Over the World More Confident

Sleeper isn’t only famous for their women’s dresses – they are successfully catering to a broad choice of loungewear to the masses. This is one of their main goals, which is centered around bringing beauty to women with different fashion tastes and preferences.

Being supported by the fact that you can change your outfits from a young and playful day look to a luxurious night look with the help of simple accessories, Sleeper’s designs are created with maximum comfort in mind. The company understands that today’s consumers are constantly on the go and always looking for ways to simplify their lives. As such, Sleeper’s pieces are designed to be versatile and easy to wear, without compromising on style or comfort.

The brand offers a wide range of alluring silhouettes, quality fabrics, and unique colors and patterns to choose from so that every woman can find the perfect piece for her own individual style. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dress for a date night or cozy house wear for those chilly mornings, Sleeper has something for everyone.


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