How Can You Cut Your Hair At Home?

Haircuts are extremely vital for many individuals. Whether they desire to get rid of split ends or bulk up their style, haircuts can assist them. Yet some people do not care about the money they could save by doing it themselves and would rather get their haircut done by a stylist. Sick of your usual barber and hesitant to take a razor or scissors to your locks yourself? This list of DIY haircutting tools offers options for haircuts at home.


How Can You Cut Your Hair At Home?


A Comb

The first type is simply a comb. It can be used as a guide for cutting hair off if it is very short, such as scissors. For longer hair, such as at least half an inch (or 1cm), this tool may also work well. A variation on the comb is the rattail comb, which has finer teeth and may be useful to smooth down long hair after being cut shorter.

A Pick

The other type of tool on the list of DIY haircut tools is a pick, which can move a section of hair up and down before cutting it off with scissors or a comb. If the hair is damp, it may make it easier to use this tool and keep the section in place until it has been cut with another tool.

Mustache/ Beard Trimmer

Another simple option that can be used is a mustache or beard trimmer with clippers on one side and then some short comb-like teeth on the other side, usually 5mm across. This makes it easy to get an even haircut because the tool can be moved up and down by the teeth, with the handle being held at a regular position.

An Electric Shaver

The other ideal option is an electric shaver. The shaver can cut very short hair or stubble. While there are some options to use it as a guide for cutting longer hair, it is not recommended because of how easily it may slip off track.

Hair Shears

The other type is considered innovative by some people because it works with existing tools that you may already have in your bathroom clippers and scissors. This tool is called a hair shear, which has two blades attached to one handle so that the two pieces run parallel to each other when holding them in place. It is used by taking any section of damp hair and placing the shears close to the scalp so that the bottom blade can be cut through the hair while not touching the upper blade, which may get duller after cutting wet hair.

Electric Razor

Another important tool is an electric razor with rotating blades on one end and a guide comb on the other end. It can be held like a normal razor. While this works well for large areas with short hair, it may make haircuts uneven since its design does not allow it to get close to your head.


How Can You Cut Your Hair At Home?


Sometimes, it is easier to do it yourself when you need a fast but stylish new hairstyle. If you have the right tools, getting the hair cut is easy. However, some tools are better than others. Haircut tools vary depending upon which sort of cut you are trying for.

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