How Different Styles of Roofs Can Improve the Look of Your Home

Are you building your home and are stuck on which type of roof to choose?

A survey conducted showed that 94% of roofing projects done are roof replacements. This shows that, along the way, homeowners get forced to change the type of roof on their houses due to varying reasons. The styles of roofs have a dynamic impact on the value of your home and can be game-changing on the perception of your house.

Choosing the best roof to elevate the style of your home can be daunting and mentally draining. To make your selection seamless, this article will divulge varying types of roofs that you can use to make your property look outstanding.


Dormer Roof

This is a roof feature that entails a structure resembling a window erecting from a pitched roof. It creates extra room in the roof while adding natural light.

Gable Roof

A gable roofing is the conventional pitched triangular roof that you might come across in most suburban homes. The roofs converge at the tip of the house from two sloppy sides.

One of the most common reasons gable roofs are so popular is their inclination to allow snow or rain to slide off.

Hip Roof

This is the second most common roof style after the gable roof. It entails four slopes that converge together to form a ridge. The difference between hip roof and gable roof is that the latter has only two slopes.

A hip roof is highly versatile and can go with any roofing material, especially if you consider roof replacement. Consult a roofing company to get help when choosing the roofing materials ideal for the weather condition in your area.

Mansard Roof

Mansard roofs are four double slanting sides that meet at the top to form a flat-pitched roof. The roof side entails two sloppy sections; one is slightly inclined while the other has a steeper pitch.

You can create makeshift attic storage from the protruding rectangular flat-pitched roof. More so, dormer windows can add light to the space. Find a roofer who understands how to make this kind of roof as it requires unrivaled attention to detail.

Butterfly Roof

Butterfly roofs are V-shaped, with both inclined sides sloping towards the center of the house. They form a small valley in the middle with the two raised sides resembling a butterfly. It’s ideal for arid areas since the valley can be designed to collect rainwater.

The butterfly gives room for larger windows, increasing the amount of natural light entering the house. The roof can become complicated to build and maintain as it requires a well-built drainage system and waterproofing.


Enhance Your Home Appearance With the Best Styles of Roofs in the Market

The styles of roofs built on homes are influenced by the weather conditions of the particular area. Go with a roof structure and materials that will pass the test of time before any major maintenance or repair gets done.

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