How Do I Choose the Best HVAC Company in My Local Area? Part 2

If you want to be comfortable in your home, you need the help of a heating and cooling pro that works magic.

The industry of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is worth $57.8 billion and is growing at more than 6%. This means there are several pros that can work surgery on your furnace or AC system, or install a brand new one for you.

But how do you know you’ve found the best HVAC company? Keep reading to learn how to find the right fit.


Ask What Customers They Serve

Since the HVAC industry is so large, start by finding out what customers the company focuses on. Some companies take on all customers, while others stick to either commercial or residential HVAC services.

Check to see what geographical areas they serve as well. Research their business hours and whether or not they provide emergency or after-hours services to customers that need them.


How Do I Choose the Best HVAC Company in My Local Area?


Make Sure They’re Tech-Centric

A smart homeowner always looks for the newest and best technology for their HVAC needs. Manufacturers today prioritize systems that follow environmental standards and save energy.

Green HVAC systems use 8% less energy than others. You can get an air conditioning and heating system that has climate zone centers that focus on individual rooms or areas.

HVAC pros that install and maintain these systems can help you save some serious cash on your monthly bills.

Learn How They Served Past Clients

Study the track record of any HVAC company you’re considering. They should have several verifiable reviews in the 4 and 5-star range. Read the reviews as well to see the customer’s account of how they were served.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) also keeps records of customer complaints over the years. Companies are graded by the BBB on standards of transparency, customer service, legal record, and track record.

Go with an HVAC company that has an A or A+ BBB rating.


How Do I Choose the Best HVAC Company in My Local Area?


Check for License and Insurance

Professional HVAC service companies should always have a license and liability insurance coverage. You can verify both of these with state records.

When you search their records, you’ll be able to learn if they’ve ever had their license revoked or penalized. Always ask for proof of insurance before signing a hire contract for HVAC service.

See if They Have Certifications

A contractor’s certifications show what they have learned and become proficient in. North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is a common certification that HVAC pros get.

Working with a NATE-certified pro can help you curb the spikes in your utility bills, offer speedy service, and are knowledgeable enough to give credible advice.

Other certifications that HVAC pros might have include various Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Indoor Air Quality certifications.

Schedule a Pre-Service Consultation

Homeowners often make the mistake of hiring HVAC professionals sight unseen. Schedule a consultation instead so that they can explain the work you need and answer your questions.

This consultation is all about vetting the company and learning what’s going wrong with your system. Get a couple of different opinions that you can cross-reference so that you can hire a company without hesitation.


How Do I Choose the Best HVAC Company in My Local Area?


Get Pricing Information Upfront

Price is often a major deciding factor for people interested in hiring HVAC professionals. Replacing your HVAC system will cost you about $7,000 in most situations.

The price will depend on the size and brand of the system, in addition to the required labor. You may be able to use homeowner’s insurance to offset some of the costs depending on the installation circumstances.

Repair work prices on an HVAC system will vary. Some of the common HVAC repair work that you’ll get include clearing air registers, fixing air compressors, changing the condenser coils, and replacing a thermostat system.

Read Their Warranty Contract

Warranties are essential for any HVAC installation or repair work that you get. Having a warranty gives you assurances that you can maintain your heating and cooling service.

If it breaks down during the warranty period, you’ll be able to get work done without it costing you. Read the terms of the warranty so that you know how long it lasts and what kinds of repair work are covered.


Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance Best HVAC Company


Check Out Their Web Presence

Professionalism is everything when you’re trusting a company to come into your home to perform heavy-duty work. A strong web presence denotes transparency.

These professionals should be easy to get in touch with before and after service. The care that they put into their website can be an indicator of the attention to detail they pay other areas.

Read through the company’s blog to get a feel for their understanding of HVAC as a whole. Pay close attention to their “About Us” section to learn how many years they’ve been in business and what drives them.


Work With a Seasoned HVAC Company

The right HVAC company can assist you anytime you’re in need. After you’ve gone through the steps to find a quality HVAC professional, stick with them whenever you need follow-up service.

Nailing this hire will help you stay comfortable in your household while also getting the freshest indoor air.

The importance of having a go-to HVAC company can’t be overstated, and we’re happy to help you when you need answers to other pressing questions.

Check out our other articles so that we can serve you with your real estate and home care needs.



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