How Do I Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

Imagine this, you’re sitting in your living room enjoying your favorite tv show, and then you feel something crawling over your feet. You look down and realize you have a severe problem; carpet beetles.

What are you going to do? What’s the next step? We’ve created a guide of tips that will answer the question of ‘how do I get rid of carpet beetles without throwing the entire house out?’

Read on now and work on getting rid of carpet beetles altogether once and for all.


Call The Professionals

The first thing you should do before attempting to treat the problem by yourself is call in the professionals. This can save you time and effort learning about carpet beetles and researching the different ways you can take care of the problem.

When you call a professional exterminator, you don’t have to worry about buying the chemicals or gear to take care of the infestation because they already have it. Ensure you research the exterminator before hiring them because you want to ensure you get what you’re paying for.

Wipe Down Surfaces

While carpet beetles reside in your carpet, it doesn’t mean they can’t crawl into other areas or surfaces of your home and lay their eggs. One way to stop the infestation from spreading is to wipe down surfaces with an alcohol and bleach mixture.

By wiping down surfaces with this mixture, you can deter the beetles from laying their eggs in different spots around your home. Some people use vinegar because it repels the beetles and because they dislike the strong scent.

It is a more natural solution than alcohol and bleach because it won’t negatively impact your furniture or carpet.

Use a Bug Fogger

If you’re going to use a bug fogger, it’s best if you choose one that is a non-residual fogger. If it’s not a non-residual fogger, it will leave behind residue on your surface and furniture.

Instead, find one that will take care of the problem but not leave behind any residue after it’s been deployed. While the foggers prove effective against the bugs themselves, they won’t have an effect on any legs that have been laid by the carpet beetles.

When you set off the bug fogger, everyone in your family, including your children and any pets, should be removed from the area for the designated length of time as described on the product.

Use Mothballs

No one enjoys the smell of mothballs. but if it’s something that can help you get rid of carpet beetles, why not use them? You should place them in areas where you have storage boxes or clothing and other items you’re storing for long periods.

The moth balls will deter beetles from making their home in your carpet and other belongings.


How Do I Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

When you’re asking yourself how do I get rid of carpet beetles, there are several ways to do so. The first is to call a professional and take preventative measures, such as using mothballs and a fogger.

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