How Fashion Stylist Internships Can Build your Fashion Career

Fashion stylist internships are very helpful for people who want to work for magazines and fashion houses. A fashion stylist intern can assist in a variety of tasks related to fabric selection and other activities that have to do with self-care and hair removal. Fashion stylist internships give you tools that allow performing styling activities that are less known in the industry.

However, when it comes to taking on fashion stylist internships, many have doubts about the tasks they have to perform or how this can help them build their career.

As you already know, internships are essential in fashion courses. Once you are done with the fashion stylist internships, you have the door open to the industry. The candidates receive real-time training that immerses them in the actual fashion stylist world and the latest fashion stylist techniques. Of course, you must enroll in a college that provides all these elements.


fashion stylist internships
Fashion stylist internships

A more practical side of fashion styling

Fashion stylist internships teach people the most practical way to perform in fashion styling. Not only will you get a diploma after finishing the internships, but you will also obtain the experience you had been looking for. A sneak-peak of what you will do in a real job.

If you ever think that fashion stylist internships are unnecessary, you are wrong. Fashion stylist internships are of paramount importance. They will give you the opportunity to learn about the actual world and how the fashion industry operates. Certainly, there is still a difference between the strain in the real world and a 3-month internship. Despite this, you will treat yourself to work with editors, stylists, and assistants. A fashion stylist works backstage. So you are likely to elbow with merchandisers and picture retouchers.

Additions to the Curriculum vitae

Fashion stylist internships provide a practical experience like any other internship The internships give you practical knowledge and a pathway to the future. They are also a great opportunity to enrich the Curriculum vitae. If you do a great job, you can get a full-position job or a promotion. Although this does not happen all the time, it still can if you strike it lucky.


fashion stylist internships


Fashion stylist internships are a small experience you cannot miss. Other companies can see your skill set and hire you. During the fashion stylist internships, you are evaluated by the company. Even if you are not hired in the end, you can add the experience you get as an intern to your portfolio. Just specify all you are versed in.

Skill improvement

To put it simply, you are bound to do your best during your internship. The final result at the end of the internship will speak for you. Try to obtain broad industry insights by working as an assistant or performing other tasks unrelated to styling. Companies love versatile stylists that adjust to any situation and can work under pressure. Fashion stylist internships enable you to savor the experience of working against the clock. This is something you don’t live in college.


fashion stylist internships

Be an assistant to be a boss later

Fashion stylist internships give the option to learn from others. As an assistant, you learn from others that have more experience. It is an alternative that leads you to the final goal, which is the increase of knowledge and expertise in fashion styling. You will likewise get the hang of different work environments. Be strategic when choosing your fashion stylist internships to pick the most suitable option.

Become aware of the diversity of the industry

What you learned in college cannot be compared with what you will experience as an intern. You will get a great collection of references, which will undoubtedly enhance your skill set, making you a more versatile stylist.


fashion stylist internships

Internships remain a door-opener for future positions

As you already know, fashion stylist internships allow you to experience various job niches. This is the main function of fashion stylist internships and what differentiates them from short courses, which do not serve as internships but are a smooth entrance to the fashion stylist industry. During the fashion stylist internships like Fashion Internships Seoul, you practice what you learned in the short course and jump into new fields, as well.

New fields

While the negative side of internships is that you cannot choose the field or position, the positive side is that they are challenging and exciting. To avoid surprises, take short courses before your internship. In this way, you won’t have problems carrying out activities you never heard about in college.


fashion stylist internships

Focus on your weaknesses

College does not put your weaknesses on display as it should, but most probably, fashion stylist internships will do. You will become aware of your mistakes and the things you have to improve. Practice will show you all this.

The diploma

Once you finish your fashion stylist internships, you get a diploma or a certificate that allows you to get a position in any fashion company. The internships take a few weeks or months. The duration of a program can be 24 weeks but this varies from college to college. Fashion stylist internships can begin after two years for postgraduate students. Most courses deliver a certificate in creative fashion styling.


fashion stylist internships

More job opportunities

Depending on your location, portfolio, and experience, you can be contacted by several companies once you complete your fashion stylist internships. Candidates with a postgraduate in fashion styling have more chances to seize a job. Fashion stylist internships open the door to people who have gained more practical experience instead of those who have taken short courses and no more.

These are basically the duties included in fashion stylist internships.

Main duties

  • You get insights into the coordination of clients’ wardrobes ensuring their clothes and accessories are in place.
  • As you will probably be an assistant, you will procure items needed for the client.
  • Fashion stylist internships teach how to curate outfits in a digital style guide.
  • You will learn how to deal with clients more efficiently, ensuring they have the necessary framework.


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