How LED Mirrors Improves Vanity and Bathroom Look

Bathroom remodeling – on hearing the words you might think of pulling the floor off the ground, buying every fixture, and setting up the whole bathroom anew. It’s not as hard as it sounds! And you don’t have to start from the ground up. Replacing a single element or adding a new feature to the bathroom has the same effect. You just need to channel your creative self. Learn more about how LED mirrors improves vanity and bathroom, and incorporate them when renovating your bathroom.

A mirror is the center of attention and holds primary importance in bathroom interiors. Replacing the bathroom mirror alone upgrades the bathroom interior considerably. However, choosing the right mirror that level-up the bathroom interior is not that simple now. The overwhelming variety of mirrors available in the market makes it a tough call to choose the right one. We are here to make the selection easy for you.

Mirrors and lights impact an interior the most. So do the LED mirrors. It’s an in-trend vanity element that spices up the interior big time. Let’s explore the influence of LED mirrors in bathroom remodeling.


What are the LED Mirrors?

How LED Mirrors Improves Vanity and Bathroom Look


LED (Light-emitting diode) mirrors are equipped with LED bulbs that lit up when connected with an electric supply. Some variants also operate on a battery. They come in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

LED mirrors are becoming a popular choice for bathrooms, offices, and salons as they create an illusion of space and enhance elegance.

They are very functional for providing a detailed view, doing makeup, and other intricate things.

How Do LED Mirrors Work?

How LED Mirrors Improves Vanity and Bathroom Look


LED mirrors come in a wide range of varieties and work accordingly. Some of them have LED strips on the top only. The glow of the lights installed at the top covers a broader area.

However, some mirrors are equipped with lights on the sides to provide a better view during the makeup sessions. Other mirrors have full LED light coverage.

The LED strips installed in the mirrors light up when connected with the power supply. When on, the mirrors radiate a fascinating light giving a divine dreamy feel to the whole environment.


Why Use LED Mirrors?

How LED Mirrors Improves Vanity and Bathroom Look


 More and more people are investing in the LED mirrors these days due to their sleek finish and added functional benefits.  Here are some major benefits of LED mirrors that contribute to their rising popularity.

  • Enhanced Interior – Lighted mirrors add an ultra-luxe feel to the interior. They make the bathroom look wider and brighter. LED mirrors give a posh look to the interior space thus increasing the overall value of the area.
  • Get Ready with Convenience – Lighted mirrors are great for getting ready. You can do your final touch-ups without frustrating over the room lightings. LED mirrors are also known as makeup mirrors with lights as they are greatly useful for makeup sessions.
  • Additional Operations – LED mirrors not only illuminate the space but also perform many other functions. It is a state-of-art element equipped with many other operations like anti-fogging features, clock timer, colored lighting, timed lighting, light dining, motion sensing, and much more.
  • Boost the Space Value – One LED mirror can surprisingly boost the space value both aesthetically and monetarily.
  • Energy-Efficient Element – LED mirrors are a cost-effective addition due to the benefits they render. LED lights are much more durable and consume less energy than ordinary lights. Therefore, they are considered the most energy-efficient way of brightening up the interior space. \
  • Versatile Mirrors – LED mirrors come in plenty of styles, colors, sizes, and shapes. With LED mirrors you can easily style your space according to your taste.


Types of LED Mirrors

Apart from the size, style, and shape variants, LED mirrors are classified into different types based on their individual functions. We are discussing different types of LED mirrors here.

  1. LED Lighted Mirror

How LED Mirrors Improves Vanity and Bathroom Look


 The first in line is the conventional LED lighted mirror or makeup mirror with lights. The LED lighted mirrors are usually equipped with LED strips. The LED lights are energy-efficient and don’t strain the energy bills. These beveled rectangular mirror enhance the space with their fine finish and fancy feel.

  1. Fluorescent Backlit Mirrors

Picture 5 1 LED Mirrors Improves Vanity


 Backlit mirror tops the charts of popularity due to its regal feel. These mirrors have fluorescent lighting tubes installed behind the mirror, thus the name fluorescent backlit mirror. Etched glass is used in this type of mirror to allow just the right amount of light to pass through. Fluorescent backlit mirrors add a subtle elegance to the interior space. It is a perfect element to upgrade your bathroom.

  1. Infinity Mirror

Picture 6 1 LED Mirrors Improves Vanity


 In the infinity mirrors, the lights are installed on the mirror at such an angle that the reflection gives off a feel of a never-ending train of lights. It feels like you are diving into a sea of lights. Infinity mirrors are great to add a super-dramatic feel to the interior.

  1. Heated Demister Mirrors

How LED Mirrors Improves Vanity and Bathroom Look


 How many times have you been to the bathroom to add a final touchup on your preparation and found the bathroom frameless square mirror all covered up with the fog?

It happens to all of us! Heated demister mirrors are the ultimate solution to steam clouding issues. A demisting heat pad is installed behind the mirror that keeps the mirrors from building up steam. Thus making the mirrors an ever-useable bathroom fixture.

  1. Shaving Socket Mirrors

Picture 8 LED Mirrors Improves Vanity


 Attributing LED mirrors as “makeup mirrors with lights” makes it look like they are only functional for ladies. However, one can’t ignore the needs of men while talking about mirrors. Shaving is an everyday task and needs precise attention and well-lit reflection, of course!

Shaving socket mirrors are perfect for gents. It provides the perfect lighted reflection for shaving. The mirror has LED or fluorescent lights paired with a shaving socket for convenient electric shaver operation. Thus shaving socket mirror is a fully equipped element to cope with the requirements of modern-day men.

  1. Dimmable LED Mirror

Picture 8 LED Mirrors Improves Vanity


This mirror incorporates an adjustable lighting system. The brightness of the LED lights can be adjusted according to the needs. Thus creating an even better energy-efficient system. Dimmable mirrors are great bathroom vanity, especially helpful for applying makeup and doing other such intricate tasks.

Summing Up!

The popularity of makeup mirrors with lights is increasing exponentially. It’s a contemporary, energy-saving luxurious element that effortlessly spruces up a space. You can choose from a wide variety of LED mirrors. The application of LED mirrors goes a long way from just bathrooms. You can incorporate them in your homes, offices, bathrooms, hotels, and salons. Name a space and the LED mirror can glam it up.

Invest in an LED mirror and boast an incredible interior!


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