How Long Do Windows Last? A Guide for Homeowners

If you’re moving into a new home or even just living in your current one, you might find yourself asking “how long do windows last?” Sometimes windows can last ten years while sometimes they can last forty years.

Unfortunately, there is not just one answer to this important question. However, that doesn’t mean you need to feel like you’re totally in the dark on the subject

There are a lot of factors that can impact the lifespan of your windows. These factors can affect the functionality, appearance, and performance of your windows.

And it’s not just that each home is different but each window can be different.

Thankfully for you, we’ve got the information you’re looking for. So keep on reading and we will take you through everything that you will want to know.


Quality and Type of Window Materials

Every kind of window material is going to offer you a different level of necessary care and maintenance. Without routine maintenance or proper care, window life expectance can be significantly reduced. However, when you’re able to maintain your windows, then crafted wood, vinyl, and fiberglass windows can last you for a very long time.

Wood windows tend to take the most effort to maintain. However, if you do maintain them properly then they will also last you for the longest amount of time.

This is why you see so many original wood windows on old homes throughout the United States. When you put the time into caring for your windows, you’ll be able to have the same wood windows for the rest of your life.

Fiberglass windows don’t require a lot of maintenance. They have a similar look to wood and provide you with a lot of durability and strength. This is true even when it is very cold or hot outside.

Other than performing regular inspections and cleanings, there isn’t a lot that you need to do to keep your fiberglass windows looking good and working properly.

Vinyl windows are very affordable and also are of relatively good quality. These windows tend to be cheaper than fiberglass or wood. They’re also made from materials that don’t rot or rust so they will be durable despite changes in weather.


how long do windows last


Local Weather Events and Climate

Your windows are going to be built to last you a long time. But they can deteriorate quickly if they are exposed to harsh elements. Hail or storm damage can harm your windows to the point where they need to be replaced, even if you just bought new ones.

If you live in an area that experiences climate conditions like this then the longevity and performance of your windows might be affected.

Extreme cold and heat and frequent swings in temperatures can make your windows change shape, shift, or warp.

Salt is also very corrosive. If your windows face salty air coming off of the ocean, that salt will settle on your windows. This can deteriorate the exteriors as time goes on.

The UV rays from sunlight can also wear down your windows. Windows that are exposed to the sun for long periods of time will wear away quicker.

The windows on the side of your home that are in direct sunlight will likely need to be replaced sooner than your windows that are in the shade.

Also, homes that are in areas with high humidity or rain will get more moisture on their windows. A lot of moisture can warp the trim or frame. It can also crack the finish or paint and lead to discoloration.

Improper or Poor Window Installation

The longevity of your window is going to greatly depend on how it is first installed. A window that is installed properly will ensure that it fits correctly and is put in based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

This is going to set up the window for peak longevity and functionality.

When you install a window correctly, it will be able to seal out the elements, insulate your home, and be more energy-efficient.

It will stop water from seeping in and damaging its components. plus, the window will fit just right so it won’t shift and move as time goes on.

Make sure that you have experienced professionals install your windows, such as the ones at Colorado Classic Exteriors.

Window Usage

Your window is likely meant to be used. It can probably open and close as you need by turning a crank or sliding a sash.

Similar to putting hours on a lawnmower or miles on a car, a window will naturally wear down a little as you continue to use it. If you rely on certain windows more than others, then those will likely wear down quicker.

Wear and tear can usually be repaired. If your sash gets stuck, you might be able to repair or replace the broken piece and keep the same window. Other times, it makes sense to just replace the whole window.

The Importance of Knowing the Answer for “How Long Do Window Last?”

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now feel that you can probably answer the question, “how long do windows last?”

As we can see, the lifespan of a window can vary greatly. A lot of it comes down to how you take care of the window in question.

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