How Long Does It Take to Sell a Home?

Did you hear about the Utah home that received over 90 offers within a few days of listing?

This sounds like a dream for anyone hoping to sell a home, but how long does it take to sell a home (on average)? Is the market this hot nationwide, or is it only in certain areas?

Most importantly, what can you do now to ensure the best chances of selling your home quickly? Keep reading for the answers!


How Long Does It Take to Sell a Home?

The short answer is: It depends where you are. Nationwide, the average number of days on market (the number of days between listing a home for sale and going under contract for a sale) is 37.

However, many housing markets are much hotter than that. In Manchester, NH, or Colorado Springs, CO, owners can expect their homes to sell in less than 10 days. In parts of Utah and California, most homes are going under contract within a week of listing.

Meanwhile, homes for sale in cities like Newark, NJ, sunny isles beach, or more Miami Beach, FL may sit on the market for well over 100 days.

What about the costs of selling a home? Unless you get a cash offer, you’ll need to wait for the buyer to secure financing and close on their purchase loan. As of 2020, that process took an additional 46 days.

Selling a House Timeline (2021 Edition)

True, you can’t do anything to change the physical location of your home. If you find yourself in an area where the market is more tepid than hot, what can you do to boost your chances of selling?

If you Google “the fastest way to sell my house,” here are some suggestions you’ll get.

Clean & Declutter

No one is going to be impressed if your ceiling fans are covered in dust or your kitchen smells like last night’s dinner. Keep every inch of your home spotless and smelling fresh. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, hire professional cleaners.

This is also the time to empty out your attic, basement, closets, drawers, and other areas where items pile up. Bonus: It will make the packing and moving process much easier!

Go Minimalist With Furnishings & Decor

Potential buyers want to see themselves living in the space — not the family who currently lives there. Stash away personal items (photographs, travel mementos, etc.) and keep your decor simple and neutral.

Consider Home Improvements

If you have a little time before you need to sell, you can add serious resale value to your home with a few home improvement projects. Consider:

  • Replacing your garage door
  • Remodeling your kitchen
  • Adding a wood deck in the backyard
  • Replacing the exterior siding

Many of these improvements pay for themselves, recouping as much as 98% of their total costs!


Get Ready to Successfully Sell a Home

If you have the goal of selling a home in 2021, you’re in luck.

Experts predict it will continue to be a seller’s market for many months to come! Once you list your house for sale, get ready for plenty of interest from potential buyers.

In the meantime, would you like some ideas for how to decorate your next home? Keep browsing our site for tips on decor, design, lifestyle, and more!

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