How Long Does Residential Window Tinting Take?

When you look out your windows, what do you see? Is it a crystal clear view of the land surrounding your home or the buildings across the street?

Or, do you see stains, blemishes, and thin cracks? Maybe it’s hard to see at all because of the glare from the sun.

If you’re not satisfied with your windows, you may not have to replace them. Instead, residential window tinting may solve your problems. Tinted windows provide many benefits beyond being aesthetically pleasing.

For example, they help make your windows more durable. They also aid your HVAC unit in regulating your home temperature.

However, people lead busy lives. So, you may wonder, how long does the residential window tinting process take?

If that’s you, find your answers today! In this guide, we outline the process and explore how long it takes to complete. Read on to learn more!


nj How Long Does Residential Window Tinting Take?


Before You Being: Deciding What Residential Window Tinting You Want

Before installing residential window tinting, you must first decide what kind of tinting you want. Several kinds exist, each catering to different needs in your home. We’ll briefly outline these kinds below.

Solar Control Film

Many people who decide on window tinting do so because their current windows are energy-inefficient. These options don’t manage the sunlight pouring into your home, allowing too many UV rays inside. When this happens, it makes it more difficult to control your home temperature.

Solar control film helps prevent this. It mitigates against UV rays and makes your windows more energy-efficient.


knk How Long Does Residential Window Tinting Take?


Glare Control

Even the most energy-efficient windows may have problems with glare. This glare makes it impossible for you to watch TV without a glare on the screen. To fix that problem, consider glare control film.

Security Film

This third popular option helps reinforce your windows from blunt force damage. If you live in an area prone to severe storms, these films are top-notch choices. If you worry about home security, these can help keep burglars out as well.

The Window Tinting Process: Cleaning Your Windows

When you decide on the type of window tint you want, the next step is to clean your windows. There are two ways to go about this.

One option is to clean your windows yourself. Another is to let your window tinting services clean your windows as a part of their process.

It may be faster for you to clean your windows alone. If you do, try to keep these guidelines:

  • Don’t leave streaks on the window
  • Use softer cleaning solutions instead of harsh chemicals
  • Thoroughly clean both the outside and inside of windows


jbjb How Long Does Residential Window Tinting Take?


It’s essential for the tinting process that your windows be sufficiently clean. Dirty windows won’t allow your tint to adhere well to the glass. As a result, you could see uneven or deformed tint.

Likewise, if there are streaks or stains in your window, the tint will “seal” them in place. You won’t be able to reach those spots once the tint becomes applied.

For these reasons, it’s often best to allow professionals to clean your windows. They know how to get the spotless glass you need for the best possible results in your residential window tinting.

However, understand that this may take longer. You’ll probably have to move furniture out of the way for cleaners once they get to the inside of the windows. This process may take more or less time, depending on the number of windows in the home.

Measuring and Cutting Film

Once the windows are clean, your professional team will begin measuring and cutting your window tint. This process typically takes less time.

All the team has to do is measure the dimensions of your windows. From there, they will measure and cut your window tint to ensure they fit your windows.

This process could take longer if you have several types of windows. However, homes that feature mostly double-hung or single-hung windows of similar sizes take less time to measure.


njjnk How Long Does Residential Window Tinting Take?


Installing Your Tinted Home Windows

Once they’ve cut the film for your various windows, the team finally begins applying the material. How does this work, exactly?

First, the team will spray your windows and tinting with the same solution used to clean them. Then, they’ll apply the wet tinting film to the wet glass. They’ll start from the top and work their way to the bottom.

As they fit the film, they’ll smooth out any bubbles that develop. Doing so requires a quick spray of cleaning solution. This spray is followed by pushing the bubbles out to the window edge with one’s hand.

Workers will do this on both sides of the window. They’ll then use a squeegee to comb the bubbles out, pushing them within inches of the glass edge.

Once your team applies the film firmly and removes bubbles, the next step is to trim the film of any excess. Next, the team works to get rid of any excess moisture.

Finally, the team cleans the windows again with a thorough wipe down. Typically, this takes 30 minutes per window to complete. The full-length cure time takes approximately four to eight days.

How long will this entire process take? The answer usually comes to a few hours for each window you tint. However, keep in mind that you may not have to tint every window in the household.


How Long Does Residential Window Tinting Take?


Find Your Residential Window Tinting Today

Using residential window tinting services can provide several benefits to your home. It can make your windows more energy-efficient. It can also make them more durable, helping to increase your home security.

The entire process for tinting your windows could take a couple of days at most. Waiting on your windows to cure entirely could last for a little over one week. While this may seem like a long time, its benefits make the process worthwhile.

So, don’t hesitate. Find your residential window tinting service today!

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